Zoë Karens

IHR Archivist

+44 (0)20 7664 4872

Zoë Karens is Archivist at the Institute of Historical Research, with responsibility for the cataloguing and promotion of the IHR’s institutional archive. This is a two year project which began in June 2017. Her work involves ensuring that the archive is stored and catalogued to relevant national and international standards. She is also working with the IHR Librarian to ensure a suitable catalogue system is acquired and installed, as well as developing a cataloguing plan.

Zoë received a BA Honours in English Literature from the University of Sheffield in 1998, and a Masters in Records and Archives Management from the University of Liverpool in 2000. Since then she has worked on as an archivist on cataloguing projects for various institutions such as the LSE, King’s College London and UCL. Her most recent role previous to IHR was as Project Archivist for the R C Sherriff Project at Surrey History Centre.