CMH Research projects

Drawing of headquarters of first London and Westminster Bank

Financial headquarters in the city, 1850-1914

The project investigates a sample of the first generation of large-scale headquarters erected for banks and other institutions in the financial district of the City of London.

Extract for Middlesex from Registrar General returns of causes of deaths in 1860

Mortality in the metropolis, 1860-1920

The aim of the project is to investigate patterns of mortality in London during a period which witnessed major change in both the incidence and the causes of death.

View of the City of London

The jobbing system of the London Stock Exchange: an oral history

The jobbing system of the London Stock Exchange came to an end with the 'Big Bang' of October 1986. Jobbers left few written records.

Comparative Metropolitan History screenshot

Comparative Metropolitan History

Since October 2001, the Leverhulme Trust has provided support for comparative metropolitan history at the CMH. This funding includes a chair in Comparative Metropolitan History, a postdoctoral fellowship, a postgraduate studentship, lectures and conferences.

Photo of bombed Coventry

Coventry and Dresden after 1940/45

The project explores the cultural history of two cities in the aftermath of total devastation in the Second World War. Much of Coventry and Dresden were wiped out or 'coventrated' by aerial bombardment in November 1940 and February 1945 respectively.

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Register of research in progress on the history of London

A register of current work on the history of London available online on the CMH website.

Cover of Bibliograph of printed works on London history to 1939

Bibliography of printed works on London history to 1939 and supplement

The bibliography, undertaken in co-operation with the Guildhall Library, comprises selected works published to the end of 1990. The supplement continues the work of the volume published in 1994, adding material published since 1991.

Press cuttings relating to London in World War II

Sources for the history of London 1939-45: a guide and bibliography

The CMH's published bibliography of London history stops at 1939; this compilation aims to cover the history of London from all aspects from 1939-1945 and includes a guide to primary sources and collections of illustrations. It was published in 1998 by the British Records Association.

London's past online

Please note: London's Past Online (LPOL) has now been incorporated into the subscription-only Bibliography of British and Irish History (BBIH).

Extract from a diary

A checklist of unpublished London diaries

Unpublished diaries often contain useful information about London life. This guide attempts to list as many as possible, of all periods, that survive in the record offices, libraries and private lands in the country and abroad. It will be indexed by author, place and subject.