About IHR Digital

For two decades the IHR has recognised the value of digital resources to historians. IHR Digital encompasses many of the IHR’s existing online activities, but also allows us to explore new opportunities for transforming the way in which historians conduct their research.

IHR Digital includes a range of well-established projects, such as British History Online and the Bibliography of British and Irish History, as well as more recent initiatives such as Connected Histories, the History of Parliament Online and History in Education.

IHR Digital also offers a range of research and advisory services. For example, we are working in partnership with the British Library’s UK Web Archive (http://www.webarchive.org.uk/ukwa/). The IHR has convened an advisory group of historians, who are working with the the BL’s curators to consider both online representations of the distant past and those parts of the web that will in time become the primary sources for future generations of historians. An 18-month JISC-funded project, Analytical Access to the Domain Dark Archive (AADDA), is continuing this work, focusing on the embedding and sustainability of web archives.

For more information about IHR Digital, and what it might be able to offer you Contact IHR Digital.


One year before its launch the IHR held a Digital Colloquium, inviting people from digital humanities and history to come and hear about what the IHR is doing and, most importantly, to respond by saying what they wanted or expected from the IHR's digital arm.

Download a pdf of the Digital Colloquium powerpoint presentation given by members of the IHR.