Fabio Pruneri

Associate professor of History of Education at the Faculty of Letterature and Philosophy, University of Sassari (Sardinia).
From 1997 to 2000 Pruneri Fabio collaborated in cataloguing and researching for the Archivio per la Storia dell'Educazione in Italia at the Catholic University of Brescia, where in 1993 had his PhD in history of education. He has been member, as coordinator, of the editorial staff of the journal “Annali di Storia dell’Educazione e delle Istituzioni Scolastiche”. Founder of the “Laboratorio SPE” (Science of Educational Professions) with other colleagues at the Economic Institutions and Society Department at University of Sassari.
From 2010 member of the editorial board of "Paedagogica Historica" International Journal of the History of Education
Member from 2004 of the International Standing Conference of History or Education (ISCHE), he took part in the conference in Geneva (2004), Umea (2006), Hamburg (2007), Utrecht (2009), Amstedam (2010). Others international conferences: Cambridge (2008), Berlin (2011), Genk (2011), Geneva (2012), Riga (2013), London (2014), Istanbul (2015), Chicago (2016)

From May to October 2013, Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Education, University of London.
In December 2013, he was a awarded a university professorship habilitation in pedagogy and history of education
In June 2017 he was the project manager and local organizer of 8th History of Education Doctoral Summer School (supported by European Education Association Research and International Standing Conference for the History of Education)