Professor Ilaria L.E. Ramelli

Prof. Ilaria Ramelli, FRHistS, earned two MAs (Classics with Specialisation in Early Christianity and Philosophy with Specialisation in History), a PhD (Classics and Early Christianity), and a postdoctorate (Late Antiquity and Religion), as well as two Habilitations to Full Professor (History of Philosophy and Ancient Greek). In the last eighteen years she has been, among else, Professor of History of the Roman Christian Near East, and Fellow in Ancient Philosophy, with focus on classical and Patristic philosophy and early Christianity (Catholic University, Milan, 2003–present), as well as Senior Research Fellow in Ancient and Patristic Philosophy (Durham University).

She is Full Professor of Theology and K. Britt endowed Chair at the Graduate School of Theology, SHMS (“Angelicum” University), the director of international research projects, Senior Visiting Professor of Greek Thought (Harvard), as well as Senior Visiting Professor of Church History, Senior Research Fellow in Religion (Erfurt University), and Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. She has received many academic prizes.

She is a member of many directive and scientific boards of scholarly series and journals and of numerous international scholarly associations, and regularly serves as a peer reviewer for prestigious scientific series and journals, and as a scientific consultant in tenure/hiring evaluations for outstanding Universities, as well as in advanced research funding for international scholarly Foundations.

She has taught courses and seminars, delivered invited lectures and conferences, and held senior research fellowships and senior visiting professorships in numerous (including topmost) Universities in Europe, North America, and Israel; she has never interrupted an intense scholarly activity for over two decades. She has authored numerous books, articles, and reviews in leading scholarly journals and series, on patristic theology and philosophy, ancient philosophy, early Christianity (Greek & Latin, but also Syriac, Coptic, & Armenian), the NT, the reception of Scripture, imperial and late antiquity, ancient Religions, classics, and the relationship between Christianity and classical culture.

Among her books related to ecclesiastical history:

I romanzi antichi e il Cristianesimo: contesto e contatti, preface by B.P. Reardon (2001; reprint Wipf & Stock, 2012)

Gli Apostoli in India nella Patristica e nella letteratura sanscrita (Milan 2001; French edition Paris 2015)

Il Chronicon di Arbela (Madrid: Universidad Complutense, 2003)

Terms for Eternity. Αἰώνιος and ἀΐδιος in Classical and Christian Authors, by Ilaria Ramelli and David Konstan (Piscataway: Gorgias Press, 2007; new editions 2011 & 2013)

Gesù a Roma [a commentary on Luke Acts] (third edition Rome 2006, fourth edition ibid. 2007)

Gregorio di Nissa Sull'Anima e la Resurrezione (Milan: Bompiani – Catholic University, 2007)

Atti di Mar Mari (Brescia: Paideia, 2008)

Possible Historical Traces in the Doctrina Addai? (Gorgias, 2009)

Bardaiṣan of Edessa: A Reassessment of the Evidence and a New Interpretation. Also in the Light of Origen and the Original Fragments from Porphyry (Gorgias, 2009)

I Cristiani e l’Impero romano (Milan: Marietti, 2011)

The Christian Doctrine of Apokatastasis: A Critical Assessment from the New Testament to Eriugena (Leiden: Brill, 2013; VCS 120)

Tempo ed eternità in età antica e patristica (Assisi: Cittadella, 2015)

Early Christian and Jewish Narrative: The Role of Religion in Shaping Narrative Forms, eds. Ilaria Ramelli and Judith Perkins (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2015; WUNT I 348).

– Evagrius’s Kephalaia Gnostika (Leiden-Atlanta: Brill-SBL, 2015)

Social Justice and the Legitimacy of Slavery: The Role of Philosophical Asceticism from Ancient Judaism to Late Antiquity (Oxford University Press, forthcoming)