Dr Mikko Ketola

Dr Mikko Ketola, University of Helsinki

Doctor of Theology (Helsinki) in 2000. Title of Docent in 2002. Academy of Finland Research Fellow 2003–2009. University Lecturer, Dept. of Church History, University of Finland since 2009.


President of the Finnish Society of Church History, 2007–2013.

Secretary of CIHEC since 2010.


Research interests: Lutheranism in Finland and Estonia; Anticlericalism and Secularisation in Finland and the Baltic States; Papacy in the 20th and 21st centuries; Ukrainian Churches since 1989


Publications (only those in English):


The Nationality Question in the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1918–1939 (Helsinki: The Finnish Society of Church History,  2000. 356 pp.)


'Estonians, Baltic Germans and their Lutheran Teachings about the Jews, 1919–1945' Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte vol 16 (2003), pp. 112–126.


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'The Holy See’s Interest in Estonia in the 1920s and 1930s'.