Lambeth Palace: Liturgical Books and the Medieval Library

Tuesday 6 June 2017, 5.30pm (admittance not before 5pm)

Dr Tessa Webber (Trinity College, Cambridge), ‘Liturgical Books and the Medieval Library’.

It has long been conventional in the history of books and book collections of the Middle Ages to draw a distinction between liturgical books and library books. In practice, however, the use made of the books and the arrangements for their storage and custody suggest that the distinction was sometimes less clear-cut. Tessa Webber will examine such evidence to question how far the conventional bi-partite categorisation of books as 'liturgical' and 'library' reflects the way in which books were conceived during the Middle Ages.

In association with the University of London research seminar on the History of Libraries. All are welcome, but those wishing to attend are asked to register with not later than Monday 5 June.

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