Modern Europe meets Reform

Modern Europe meets Reform is a one-and-half day research workshop taking place from 1.30pm on Thursday 12 April through to 5pm on Friday 13 April 2018 in Leeds. The workshop aims to investigate the development of historical writing about the medieval church across the period from the Reformation to the twentieth century, and we hope to bring together medievalists and modernists, creating new areas for debate in an informal environment. Confirmed speakers include: Stefan Bauer, University of York; Joshua Bennett, University of Oxford; Julian Fuehrer, University of Zurich; Daniel-Odon Hurel, CNRS Paris; Stephen Taylor, Durham University; and Nicholas Vincent, UEA.

This workshop is part of a larger international project entitled Rethinking Reform 900-1150: Conceptualising Change in Medieval Religious Institutions, funded by a Leverhulme Trust International Network Grant. The project brings together scholars from across Europe to focus on how changes in medieval churches were understood and explained in their own day and on how they have been reinterpreted in post-Reformation and especially post-Napoleonic historical writing. Led by Professor Barrow, the network partners are UEA, Paris VIII, Mainz, KU Leuven, Durham and Ghent.

We would be delighted if you are able to join us at the Modern Europe meets Reform workshop, and if interested in participating in this free event, please reserve your place here


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