A Spiritual Journey: the Life and Ideas of Sebastian Moore, 1917-2014

Downside Abbey, 1-2 September 2017

Sebastian Moore was one of the most outspoken and brilliant religious thinkers of the later twentieth century.  His life as a monk at the Benedictine Abbey of Downside was changed decisively when he became a parish priest in a deprived Liverpool city parish in the 1960s and his refusal to return in 1970 led to an academic career in the United States,
 There he published some of his most significant work on human desire and Christian spirituality.  On his return to England in the 1990s he became a vocal supporter of the campaign for homosexual rights within the Catholic and Anglican Churches.  This symposium brings together eminent scholars from the United States and Europe with friends and colleagues of the monk (who died in 2014) to consider his life and ideas within the context of modern monasticism and the controversies of the Catholic Church.

Speakers include Tina Beattie, Patrick Early, Deb Fisher, Peter Harvey, Tom Jackson, Jeffrey Johnson, Fred Lawrence, Bill Loewe, Teresa Messias, Louis Roy, and Joseph Melling.

Residential and non-residential attendance is offered at the symposium to be held in Downside Abbey on 1-2 September. Book here or contact the organisers, Joseph MellingJoglide@gmail.com and Steven Parsons at the Abbey Archives,sparsons@downside.co.uk.

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