Modern Europe meets Reform

Modern Europe meets Reform is a one-and-half day research workshop taking place from 1.30pm on Thursday 12 April through to 5pm on Friday 13 April 2018 in Leeds. The workshop aims to investigate the development of historical writing about the medieval church across the period from the Reformation to the twentieth century, and we hope to bring together medievalists and modernists, creating new areas for debate in an informal environment.

New Perspectives on Seventeenth-Century Libraries'

Tuesday 5 June, 5.30pm (admittance not before 5pm)
Lambeth Palace Library 

Robyn Adams (Centre for Editing Lives & Letters, UCL), 'Donations to the Bodleian Library in the Early Seventeenth Century'

Katie Birkwood (Royal College of Physicians Library), 'Digging Deeper into the Marquess of Dorchester's Library'

Jacqueline Glomski (Centre for Editing Lives & Letters, UCL), 'Religion and Libraries in the Seventeenth Century'.

Dr David Starkey: 'Henry VIII and Luther: A Reappraisal'

Tuesday 6 February, 5.15pm (admittance not before 4.45pm)
Lambeth Palace Library 

In association with the University of London seminar on the Religious History of Britain 1500-1800.  All are welcome, but those wishing to attend should book a free ticket at, or email not later than Friday 2 February.

Queen Marys Lunchtime Work-in-Progress Seminar Series

Arts Two, 2.18 at QMUL Mile End Campus, 12.30 – 1.30pm

24 January Tessa Whitehouse (QMUL, English), ‘Friendship across
denominations: Editing the letters of Sally Wesley and Mercy Doddridge’

31 January Emma Salgard-Cunha (Cambridge, Divinity), ‘Bad Feelings: Disowning the Affections in the Early Methodist Hymn’

7 February Peter Howarth (QMUL, English), reading group on festivals


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