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About History and Archives in Practice (HAP)

A partnership of The National Archives, Royal Historical Society, and the Institute of Historical Research, ‘History and Archives in Practice’ (HAP) is where historians and archivists come together to consider shared interests in archive collections, their interpretation and use. 

HAP is an annual event, building on its partners’ long experience of bringing archivists and historians into close conversation. Since then, we have hosted a number of online events centred around archival and research ‘practice’: how we work with historical collections, what historians and archivists can achieve collectively, and how we can ensure that communities remain at the heart of what we do. For HAP24 we are delighted to have partnered with Cardiff University

With HAP24 we’ll explore ‘Historical Legacies: collecting history, historical collections, and community voices’. We will look to the future (through the past) to discuss the impact of legacies past, present, and future

HAP24 will provide opportunities to critically reflect of the durability of legacies, legacies of people, places, and practice; historical, physical, and digital. We will consider how practices today, underpinned by our collective responsibility in working with communities, can ensure that our collections and research are rooted in co-creation, collaboration, and community. Join us as we bring voices to the forefront of collections, considering questions of value, loss, preservation, access and the triumphs and challenges that we face together as archivists and historians. 

Download the Welsh copy of this text here.

A provisional programme for History and Archives in Practice 2024 will be available to view online soon.


HAP24 is a free event and organisers are committed to making the day as accessible and inclusive as possible.

There are a limited number of bursaries, of up to £150, available to support travel (for attendees based outside Cardiff), or to help with other costs (such as childcare) to enable attendance. 

If you wish to be considered for a bursary please register for the event via the 'book now' button above and then complete the bursary application form, by Monday 19th February 2024. Applicants for bursaries will be notified of outcomes two weeks in advance of the event.

#HAP24 is an in-person event at the University of Cardiff. 

Please note that bookings for this event will close on 25 February 2024.