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A Hidden History: African Women and the British Health Service, 1930-2000

Event type
History and Public Health
Event dates
, 12:45PM - 2:00PM
LG9, LSHTM, Keppel Street Building
Ijeoma Peter (Young Historians Project), Kaitlene Koranteng (Young Historians Project)
020 7862 8740

We at the Young Historians Project are currently working to uncover a new aspect of Black British History that our young people identified as having been left out of current historical narratives: the history of continental African women in the British health service from 1930-2000. As current narratives on black women in the British health service tend to focus on 'Windrush generation' Caribbean contributions, this project will cover new ground and expand the understanding of this history. We look forward to not only exploring African women’s contributions within the health sector’s workforce, but also their wider experiences and activities in British society.

As the history we're exploring is virtually unwritten, our young people will be documenting it primarily through oral history recording and inter-generational conversation, as well as archival research in various places across Britain.

We anticipate producing a short film, an online exhibition, a commemorative mural at Charing Cross hospital, an ebook and continual podcast series to document our history in the making. We envision these outputs will inspire more research to be done in this historical field, and that more young people of African and Caribbean descent will be encouraged to undertake history as an academic endeavour, within the community and as a personal hobby.