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This seminar is designed to be an open conversation between history teachers and history researchers. We want to create a dialogue about the best ways that historians can support the ongoing work of history teachers who are experienced or new to teaching Black British history in schools. We also want to discuss the ways that historians and teachers can work together to create new formats for partnership, advance curriculum development, and encourage intellectual collaboration on new research directions. This listening session will be an important opportunity for brainstorming, introductions, and a forum for discussion about creative and practical ways that history teachers and researchers can develop meaningful collaborations, create new learning resources, and improve access to existing research and scholarship.  

Our hope is that this conversation will generate suggestions for practical and helpful steps to be taken in the immediate and medium terms. This session is designed to be in a conversation format, so once the invited speakers have shared their experiences and reflections on teaching Black history or histories of race, migration and empire, a collaborative dialogue will be encouraged for proposals and associations moving forward.

Our speakers will be: 

  • Hannah Cusworth (Subject Leader for History at the Charter School East)
  • Nick Dennis (Director of studies at St Francis’ College, Hertfordshire)
  • Emily Folorunsho (Head of History for a school in London)
  • Tom Allen (History teacher at a school in Bath)

All welcome- but booking is required.