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Museum het Rembrandthuis in Amsterdam hosted an eye-opening exhibition telling the story of the Black community in seventeenth-century Amsterdam and of the portrayal of Black figures in Western art. The exhibition brought together many portraits of seventeenth-century Black men and women, not as stereotyped caricatures but as recognisable individuals. It placed these portrayals alongside archival documents mapping the lives of a Black community in seventeenth-century Amsterdam, introducing their lives to a broader audience. This session brings together a historian, art historian, and curator to reflect on the exhibition and its impact, and the interdisciplinary cooperation that made it such a powerful exercise of recovery and recognition. Onyeka Nubia provides commentary.

  • Mark Ponte (City Archives of Amsterdam)
  • Stephanie Archangel (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)
  • Epco Runia (Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam)
  • Onyeka Nubia (University of Nottingham & Edge Hill)

All welcome: This event is free, but booking is required.