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The paper will be located within the general historical enquiry of connexions between wars and economic development by considering the paradigm case of Britain’s wars with Revolutionary and Napoleonic France and the consolidation of its Industrial Revolution. After outlining the relevant historiographical and theoretical contexts for this meta question, I will analyse the impact of warfare on the familiar factors of production (labour, capital, land and technology) before dealing with recent research into fiscal and contractor state formation. My thesis is that in significant respects the First Industrial Revolution can be represented as an example of successful mercantilism and that Napoleon and the Revolution in France contributed substantially to its progression and consolidation. 

NB This seminar will be held in conjunction with the IHR’s British History in the Long 18th Century Seminar.

All welcome. This event is free to attend, but advance registration is required.

This will be a ‘hybrid’ seminar with a limited number of places available in person and a larger number of bookings for online attendance via Zoom. Those attending in person are asked to bring a Wi-Fi enabled laptop, tablet or phone.