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Note: The time above is for London (GMT+1 / BST). The seminar will take place at 08:00 Santiago; 13:00 London/Dublin; 17:30 New Delhi.

Speaking to the broader themes of the seminar series, The archives of Global History in a time of international immobilitythis roundtable on Cities and Buildings provides a unique opportunity to consider the role and importance of fieldwork in the global history, given the built environment is uniquely 'grounded' and 'located' compared to other manifestations of global circulations of ideas.

Nilina Deb Lal is an architect and independent researcher with a
specialization in heritage and conservation, while simultaneously performing her duties as the archivist for the Loreto South Asia Province Archives.  Her particular research interest is the construction history of Calcutta spanning the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, at the time of Empire, with a view to evolving appropriate conservation and heritage management strategies.

Katherine Vyhmeister is an architectural historian trained in Latin American and Chilean history. She is a PhD Candidate in Architectural History at the University of Edinburgh. Her research examines the role that the built environment played in the nation-building of Chile during the nineteenth century, focusing on the period immediately after independence from Spain.

Zhengfeng Wang is a PhD candidate in Art History at University College Dublin. Based on archival work involving the architectural projects in interwar Shanghai, British colonial Hong Kong, and Beijing under the Communist regime, her research project explores how the commercial buildings modernized Chinese everyday life.

Kieran Gaya is pursuing a doctorate in Art History at University College Dublin. He researches the steeping of religious imagery into the design of capital cities to shape national identities. Kieran spent his formative years in Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe. This
diversity of contexts seasons his intellectual and creative output.

Chaired by Sara Honarmand Ebrahimi.

Note: This seminar may be recorded and made available, with speakers’ consent. The recording will not show the names of muted attendees and the audience Q and A will not be recorded.

All welcome, this seminar is free to attend but booking is required.

Image Credit: Jennifer O’Donnell, Archive Folders, 2012, watercolour.