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Following a very successful series of talks in 2022, the Oral History Society will continue its ‘In Dialogue’ series in 2023 to mark the Society’s 50th anniversary. In partnership with the Institute of Historical Research, the aim is to hear about the work of organisations relating to remembering, capturing, and preserving stories. This will be followed by a discussion led by a member of the OHS and opened to the audience. 

The Young Historians Project (YHP) is a non-profit organisation formed by young people, nurturing the development of young historians of African and Caribbean heritage in Britain.  YHP is a collective, made up of a team of young people aged 16-25, working on dynamic projects that document pivotal and often overlooked historical moments. YHP’s methodology prioritises oral histories as an accessible format to record the stories of communities. With this, the organisation hopes more young people of African and Caribbean heritage will become engaged and encouraged to help rediscover underrepresented aspects of Black history, and develop the skills to become the historians of the future.

John Gabriel is the current Chair of the Oral History Society and Professor of Sociology at London Metropolitan University. He is currently working on a community oral history project called 'Life on the Andover Estate'

Juanita Cox, is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Historical Studies.  She is currently working on a three-year AHRC-funded oral history project, 'The Windrush Scandal in a Transnational and Commonwealth Context', and is also a trustee on the board of the OHS. 

All Welcome. This event is free, but booking is required.