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Anna Sergi, Chasing the Mafia. ‘Ndrangheta, Memories and Journeys (Bristol University Press, 2022)

Anna Sergi holds a PhD in Sociology, with specialization in Criminology, from the University of Essex, where she currently is a Professor. She specializes in mafia mobility, policing of organized crime and comparative criminal justice and, more recently, drug importations through seaports. She has published extensively in renowned journals and, in English, she has authored five books (2021) with the sixth one published in summer 2022 Chasing the Mafia. ‘Ndrangheta Memories and Journeys with Bristol university press.

John Dickie is Professor of Italian Studies at UCL. He has published extensively on the Mafia, on Italian cuisine and more recently on Freemasonry (The Craft. How Freemasons Made the Modern World, 2020). His books have been translated into more than twenty languages and have reached a very broad audience. He is very well known also as co-writer and presenter of successful documentaries on topics related to his research.  

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