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Caroline Dodds Pennock, On Savage Shores: How Indigenous Americans Discovered Europe 
Carrie Gibson, El Norte: The Epic and Forgotten History of Hispanic North America
Montaz Marché, Historical Consultancy for TV, Film, and Literature

How does the early modern matter in public history? Questions of periodization are nothing new in early modern scholarship, but how does this academic concern meet broader understandings the past? Bringing together and celebrating important contributions to early modern history from the public sphere, this roundtable features three scholars who have recently written for trade audiences, or have otherwise engaged in public history, to consider the challenges (and possibilities) of representing the early modern for a general audience. 

All welcome: This event is free, but booking is required.

Please note that registration for this seminar will close 24 hours in advance. Details about how to join the seminar will be circulated via email to registered attendees on the morning of the schedule seminar session.