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The English merchant community in Seville and Cádiz (1507-1561) and '"Men of Many Talents": An examination of elite involvement in Elizabethan coastal enterprise

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Tudor & Stuart History
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, 5:15PM - 6:45PM
Online- via Zoom
María Grove Gordillo (Universidad de Sevilla ), Leanna T P Brinkley (University of Southampton)
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'The English Merchant Community':
The presence of English merchants in Castile during the sixteenth century is well-known both by English and Spanish historiography. However, it is necessary a broad study which cover the community itself and especially in such important Atlantic cities such as Seville and Cádiz, which was a key port for the commodities exchange with Europe and America. In this presentation, 

I will make a brief introduction of my PhD thesis, in which I want to build up a panoramic view of these English Merchants in Seville and Cádiz, researching about their socio-economic networks, commodities, local integration, spirituality and religious problems.

María Grove Gordillo is a PhD candidate at the University of Seville

'Men of Many Talents': 
The Elizabethan period has become synonymous with imagery of treacherous overseas voyages, of privateering, piracy and plunder. Yet beyond those romanticized journeys to exotic lands, members of the seafaring elite oftentimes carried on more varied maritime enterprises from English shores, operating within diversified portfolios and sustaining numerous revenue streams, including engagement in the often-overlooked arena of coastal shipping. 
This paper draws on a sample of some 3000 seafarers to provide an insight into how members of the mercantile elite integrated coasting into their maritime business models, and to explore the role such activity could play in their ability to accumulate wealth, extend their business networks, and rise the political ranks. 

Dr Leanna T P Brinkley recently received a PhD from the University of Southampton.

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