The Big Society in the First World War

The Big Society in the First World War
26 Nov 2018, 18:00 to 26 Nov 2018, 20:00
IHR Seminar Room N304, Third Floor, IHR, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Sean Creighton , Independent historian, British black history, slavery and abolition, 18th Century, labour, radical movements, and sport and culture

The ‘Big Society’ was alive and well during and responded to the challenges posed by the First World War it. The civic organisations and volunteers worked with local authorities on a wide range of fundraising and social welfare programmes. The Government encouragement of this voluntary effort led to it appointing a Director General of Voluntary Organisations. Drawing mainly on research into on the voluntary action in the London Boroughs of Battersea and Wandsworth Sean Creighton will discuss these developments.


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