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Material culture studies seek to use objects as a source to examine how society functioned and was experienced. To develop three key points, this paper takes a sample of objects from three growing industries during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries; ceramics, textiles, and numismatics. Firstly, these objects will be used to explore the political experiences that they were a part of. How were everyday objects used in a political way? Secondly, it will discuss the transference of political symbols, iconography, and prints on to objects, considering how the change in form develops our understanding of the circulation of political prints. Finally, it will consider how the increasing amount of commercial goods for purchase may have affected the popularity of certain political activities using these goods, and whether commercial motivations significantly affected the growth of political objects.

Kerry Love is a PhD student at the University of Northampton, interested in gender, citizenship and popular politics and currently works in Higher Education on Widening Participation.

All welcome- this seminar is free to attend, but advance booking is required.