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Last summer saw the long-awaited publication of the 1640-60 Commons volumes of the History of Parliament series, written by a team of historians led by Dr Stephen Roberts. The nine volumes comprise the biographies of over 1,800 MPs, articles on over 320 constituencies, as well as detailed studies of the executive committees of the Long Parliament, and a comprehensive analytical survey of the Commons in this crucial period of British and Irish history. In all, the volumes amount to nearly 9,000 pages and around 7 million words, and took over 30 years to prepare. In this special seminar, four of the team will discuss the volumes, explaining the way in which they were created, presenting their conclusions and answering questions from the audience.

  • Dr Andrew Barclay is a senior research fellow in the 1640-60 House of Lords section at the History of Parliament Trust.
  • Dr Vivienne Larminie was until recently assistant editor of the 1640-60 Commons section.
  • Dr Patrick Little is assistant editor of the 1640-60 Lords section.
  • Dr David Scott is editor of the 1640-60 Lords section.

All welcome- this seminar is free to attend, but advance booking is required.