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Pedro Feitoza, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Brazilian Centre of Analysis and Planning, São Paulo (CEBRAP)


Foreign Protestant missionaries in nineteenth-century Brazil conceived their evangelistic enterprise as part of a larger endeavour connecting Lusophone evangelical communities across the Atlantic. They believed that the production and circulation of Christian literature in the vernacular and the rise of a Brazilian evangelical leadership would reverberate into other Portuguese-speaking societies, strengthening the missionary work in different parts of the Lusophone world. This talk will examine the ways in which such transatlantic links were consolidated through both the immigration of Portuguese converts to the Americas and the circuits of evangelical organisations operating in Britain, Portugal, the United States and Brazil. Engaging with themes in world and missionary history, it will draw attention to the actions of Congregationalist, Presbyterian, Baptist and faith missionaries who moved through such far-reaching networks and played a key role in shaping the Brazilian evangelical imagination.

All welcome- this seminar is free to attend, but booking is required.