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Andrew Smith is Lecturer in Liberal Arts at Queen Mary. He is a historian of modern France interested particularly in ideologies and strategies of resistance, and how identities are shaped by interaction with the state. This has led him to look at wartime resistance, protest movements, and decolonization spanning the Second World War and Cold War. His first book, Terror and Terroir: The Winegrowers of the Languedoc and Modern France (Manchester University Press, September 2016) interrogated the way that ordinary people engage in politics, culture and society. His research continutes to look at how ordinary people engageme across borders, re-think the nation, and imagine the future. His latest article in French History is an aspect of his current project in the Larzac where he re-thinks sheep as objects of protest. Smith has also written a lot about decolonisation, pan-Africanism and memory, and edited a book on Britain, France and the Decolonization of Africa: Future Imperfect? (UCL Press) in 2017.

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