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The global Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly transformed our everyday lives and our work. In-class teaching has either been replaced with online teaching or can only be carried out with great risk to teaching staff and students. Working from home and a constant stream of video conferences have replaced informal chats on departmental corridors. As if this were not bad enough, positions for junior academics have been frozen or abolished altogether. Travel funding has been slashed by many universities. Many libraries are closed or can only be accessed with some difficulty. Archives are shut or operate long waiting lists.

In situ research that is essential for historians of modern Europe has become almost impossible.

At this forum of the Rethinking Modern Europe seminar, we will be hearing from colleagues, including early-career, mid-career and senior scholars, whose work has been affected by Covid-19. The aim is to discuss ideas about how the global pandemic will or will not change the way in which we write the history of modern Europe.

Each participant is asked to talk for no more than five minutes about their own experiences and the ways in which they have adapted their research projects in the light of the pandemic.

All welcome- this seminar is free to attend but advance registration is required.