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*ONLINE* The Birth of a London Slum: the St Giles Rookery and the Geoeconomic Factors Behind Slum Development

Event type
British History in the Long 18th Century
Event dates
, 5:15PM - 7:15PM
Online- via Zoom
Adam Crymble (Leeds Beckett University)
020 7862 8740

The Rookery of St Giles in the Fields became the city's most notorious slum by the eighteenth century. This paper asks why? Why there, why then, and why for so long? By considering the geography, economics, and legal influences acting upon the space and the people who interacted with it, it becomes clear that the Rookery of St Giles-in-the-Fields was always high risk because of happenstance of geography, but that a few key decisions and unfortunate mishaps led to its longevity and the depth of its depravity.

This seminar paper has been pre-recorded as a video which can be viewed on YouTube.
A live Q/A with the speaker will take place via Zoom Wednesday 20 May 2020. The Zoom session will begin around 17:00 (GMT) before formal business begins at 17:15. A link to the session will be sent out to those on the seminar e-mail list. If you would like to be added please contact the seminar administrator: