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Jussi Hanhimäki will discuss his new book, Pax Transatlantica (OUP, 2021). His question is whether the West is finished as a political idea. Following the twin shocks of Brexit and Trump's election, the concept of a unified Western transatlantic community seems to be a relic. Hanhimäki will explain why the West is far from over. He will argue that despite Trump's inflammatory, dismissive rhetoric, NATO continues to provide robust security for its member states. Moreover, the transatlantic relationship boasts the richest and most closely connected transcontinental economy in the world. Despite the potential fallout from current trade wars-especially between the US and China-and the rise of economic nationalism, the West still benefits from significant transatlantic trade and massive investment flows. Hanhimäki will also suggest that populism is not causing a rift between the US and Europe. Rather, the spread of populism evinces that their politics are in fact closely integrated. Hanhimäki’s view is that not only will the "Pax Transatlantica" continue to exist but that it is likely to thrive in the future. 

All welcome- this event is free but booking is required.