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Venus Bivar presents her book project Unsafe Harbor: A Political Ecology of Migration in Modern Marseille.
‘In Unsafe Harbor, I excavate the entangled economic and environmental histories of urban development, migrant labor, and ethnoracial exclusion in modern Marseille. With a demographic profile defined by successive waves of migration, from Italians, Corsicans, and Armenians, to Sephardic Jews, North Africans, and Comorians, Marseille has challenged French ideas about ethnoracial difference and national belonging. Building on existing literature that examines forms of inequality that are produced by ethnoracial difference, I argue that inequality was not only the product of a French political ideology that privileges assimilation, but was also the result of differential access to urban infrastructure as well as differential exposure to industrial pollution.’

This will be followed by a paper from Gemma Jennings (PhD researcher, University of Birmingham) on The Marseille Petroscape: Identity, Space and the Infrastructures of Oil, 1958-1975.

All welcome- this seminar is free to attend but advance registration is required.