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With introductory comments from Joanne Ichimura (SOAS) and Adrian Wisnicki (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

The recent find of a letter accredited to Soga’s mother NoSuthu in the 1873 Missionary Record of the United Presbyterian Church presents us with a unique opportunity to highlight just how intrinsic are the many voices and traces of those said paradoxically not to be represented in imperial archives. This is especially true of missionary archives which reported at length on peoples outside of Empire but imbricated within its grasp. This paper will address the methodologies for seeking out and highlighting those voices. Retrieving them does not require a mere excision from the broader narrative in which they are imbedded, but rather a sensitive response to the multiple layers of embeddedness in which entangled names are nestled to find evidence that they are authentic representations of self. I argue that with NoSuthu’s letter, this evidence is located in the arrangement of her names on her page as 'NoSutu Soga Jotelo,' and that the absence of the ‘h’ in her name is also significant. I shall also discuss the terminology of the academic endeavour involved in navigating these redemptive acts. 

All welcome- this seminar is free to attend, but booking is required.