Archives and Society

Venue: Room N304, 3rd floor, IHR, North Block, Senate House  

Time: Tuesdays 17:45

Convenors: Jenny Bunn (University College, London), Alan Crookham (The National Gallery), Valerie Johnson (The National Archives), Anna Sexton (The National Archives)

For information and enquiries, please contact: Valerie Johnson, The National Archives on

The focus of this seminar is the theory and practice of recordkeeping, and the role of records and archives within wider society. Speakers from a range of practitioner and academic backgrounds present on work-in-progress and the seminar aims to support an informal, friendly atmosphere of discussion, alongside these more formal presentations.

Spring Term 2019
DateSeminar details
26 February
Moving towards protocols for describing racially offensive archives in the UK
Alicia Chilcott
Room 243, Second Floor

12 March
working with care leavers on information rights in social care records
Victoria Hoyle (MIRRA Project)
IHR Seminar Room N304, Third Floor, IHR

Summer Term 2019
DateSeminar details
23 April
The boundaries between artwork, record and archive
Pip Laurenson
IHR Seminar Room N304, Third Floor, IHR

7 May
“Valued friend” or “insatiable octopus”? Cultural tensions in English recordkeeping c1800-1975
Richard Olney
IHR Seminar Room N304, Third Floor, IHR