History of Sexuality

Venue: See individual listings below. Some venues to be confirmed.

Time: Tuesdays 17:15

Convenors: Chiara Beccalossi (University of Lincoln), Alison Oram (Leeds Beckett University), Craig Griffiths (Manchester Metropolitan University), Christopher M. Waters (Williams University), Heike Bauer (Birkbeck), Jana Funke (University of Exeter), Jane Mackelworth (Queen Mary), Justin Bengry (Goldsmiths), Matt Cook (Birkbeck), Sean Brady (Birkbeck), Sarah Toulalan (University of Exeter), Daniel Callwood (Queen Mary), Katherine Harvey (Birkbeck), Janet Weston (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine), Daniel Orrells (King’s College London).

The founding in January 2014 of the History of Sexuality seminar marked a recognition that our field has grown enormously during recent years, and reverses the lacuna in sustained seminar provision in the UK in this field. While the history of sexuality is a diverse area of study that refuses straightforward categorisation, it nonetheless focuses broadly on men and women as sexual beings in the past, on the categories of heterosexuality and homosexuality through which sexual selfhood has been experienced, and, moving beyond this binary, on other historical expressions of gender identity and sexual experience. The seminar series explores historical perspectives on themes as varied as queer(ing) history, sexual reform and identity-based movements, sexuality and urban space, medical and criminological discourses on sexuality, and representations of sexuality. It also explores the historiography of the field, along with those varied methodological and theoretical approaches to the study of the sexual past that have shaped the history of sexuality as a sub-discipline. Finally, the seminar provides a forum for an exploration of the intersections between the history of sexuality and other related academic practices - including those of gender, feminism, queer studies, psychoanalysis, and the study of the emotions.

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Summer Term 2019
DateSeminar details
30 April
Sex, Health and the State: Britain’s VD Service, 1918–1948; VD in the USSR: Science, Sexuality and Social Control
Anne Hanley (Birkbeck, University of London), Siobhan Hearne (University of Durham)
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Rose Room - Room LG6 (basement). Keppel Street, London WC1E 7HT

28 May
Transtopia and the Rhetoric of History
Howard Chiang (University of California)
Dreyfus Room (202), Birkbeck, 26-28 Russell Sq

18 June
‘All the soldiers want to make love’. Same-sex encounters between soldiers and civilians in the Second World War
Henk de Smaele (University of Antwerp)