North American History

Venue: North American History Room, 2nd Floor, IHR, North Block, Senate House

Time: Thursdays 17:30

Convenors: Uta Balbier (KCL), Jonathan Bell (UCL), Megan Black (LSE), Jon Chandler (UCL), Joanna Cohen (QMUL), David Cox (Southampton), Patrick Doyle (RHUL), Max Edling (KCL), Alex Goodall (UCL), Zoe Hyman (UCL), Daniel Matlin (KCL), Erik Mathisen (Kent), Angel-Luke O'Donnel (KCL), Iwan Morgan (UCL), Kendrick Oliver (Southampton), Daniel Peart (QMUL), David Sim (UCL), Adam Smith (UCL), Nick Witham (UCL)

Autumn Term 2018
DateSeminar details
11 October
Spaces of Exception in American History
Gary Gerstle (Cambridge)
UCL Institute of the Americas, 51 Gordon Square, WC1H 0PN

25 October
Taking their Former Masters to Court: Cases Between Former Slaves and Former Masters in the Post-Emancipation South
Melissa Milewski (Sussex)
IHR North American History Room

8 November
Psychedelic Birth: Bodies, Boundaries, and Consciousness in the 1970s
Wendy Kline (Purdue)
IHR North American History Room

22 November
Reckoning with the Riots: Reclaiming Property and Negotiating Loss in the New York City Draft Riots
Joanna Cohen (QMUL)
IHR North American History Room

6 December
Venereal Disease in the British Empire
Katherine Paugh (Oxford)
IHR North American History Room