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Sex, Religion and the Sixties through the lens of Callum Brown’s “The Battle for Christian Britain” (CUP 2019)

Event type
Modern Religious History
Event dates
, 5:15PM - 7:00PM
Online- via Zoom
020 7862 8740

At this seminar, Callum Brown will ‘launch’ his newly-published book exploring the intersections between religious change and sexual morality in Britain after the post-Second World War, and then participate in a panel discussion with Professor Hugh McLeod and Dr Sean Brady. These conversations will unpack the powerful interventions the book makes into currently divorced historiographies around ‘permissiveness’, ‘secularisation’ and the role of the State (as well as the enduring operation of local government) in modern Britain.

This session is a joint session with the History of Sexuality Seminar.

All welcome but registration is required, as capacity is limited.