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English and Welsh law only explicitly criminalised non-consensual homosexual activities in the late twentieth century. Nevertheless, due to the illegality of homosexuality in the past, these acts can be recovered by investigating court records and newspaper reporting of criminal trials. This paper, based on my previous PhD research, examines the spaces where sexual violence between adult men occurred in late eighteenth and nineteenth century London. It reveals the variety of locations that were reportedly sites of sexual assault across the capital, including streets, parks, houses, shop windows, urinals, workhouses, and prisons. In particular, it discusses the differences between locations depending on the type of assault that occurred and asks why certain spaces were more commonly reported than others. 

It argues that while male on male sexual violence was committed in a wide breadth of locations across London, most instances tended to occur in places that had connections with homosexual culture.

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This will be a ‘hybrid’ seminar with a limited number of places available in person and a larger number of bookings for online attendance via Zoom. Those attending in person are asked to bring a Wi-Fi enabled laptop, tablet or phone.

The session will start at the slightly later time of 17:30.