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The food and equipment of the Sundanese who inhabit the island of Java, part of West Java, Indonesia, has changed over time. This is influenced by events that occurred in Indonesia. Changes in life began with changes in social institutions, political structures, market conditions, and food availability, this condition closely related to the legacy of the Dutch because Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch for a very long time. This study uses the metahistory method with auxiliary science from various collections of documentation from sundanese people who born during the Indonesian revolution (1945-1949) which are uploaded to the Sundanese kinship forum. The impact changed sundanese cuisine can be seen from the food presentation, migration of processed spices, and the completeness of side dishes and politeness in eating food (food and attitude for sundanese family). Traditional cooking utensils have also changed the presentation of Sundanese cuisine, but there are several Sundanese restaurants that still maintain the ancient atmosphere and this has become a separate commercialization for Sundanese cuisine and tourism attractions.

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