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Tutors: Gabriel Bodard (ICS), Christopher Ohge (IES)

This online workshop will use a mix of real-time and asynchronous teaching to introduce participants to a range of practices and issues in text encoding and annotation. We will work hands-on with HTML and Markdown or “Wikitext” encoding, and the Recogito annotation platform, and discuss the theory and context of text encoding in academic research and editing. We will mention XML and TEI but not work hands-on with this more advanced form of text encoding.

This training is targeted to research students and early career researchers, but all are welcome; booking is essential. Please commit to attending both sessions on Monday November 23 at 14:00 and Friday November 27 at 12:00, and to completing individual and group work after each session. 

Organised in collaboration with the Institute of Classical Studies, Institute of English Studies, and Institute of Modern Languages Research.