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Alumni Fellows

Alumni Fellowships are available to all former IHR PhD students and ECR Visiting Fellows, for a period of 12 months after they complete their previous associate with the Institute. 

Our Alumni Fellows

We are very keen to maintain links to those who've studied or undertaken research at the IHR.

Our Alumni Fellows are former PhD students and Junior Fellows who seek an academic institution having left the Institute.

Dr Irene Bavuso
Socio-economic changes in England and Francia, 5th-7th c.: comparative approaches 

Dr Sam Drake
Cornwall and the Kingdom: Connectivity, Cohesion, and Integration, c.1300-c.1420

Dr Lucy Hennings
England in Europe during the Reign of Henry III, 1216-1272

Dr Jennifer S. Kain
Seamen as Prohibited Immigrants: Shore leave, sickness, sanity and syphilis

Dr Julia Leikin
Prize law, maritime neutrality, and the law of nations in Imperial Russia, 1768-1856

Dr Peter Jones
Literary realism, popular culture and spaces of commerce in the nineteenth-century city

Dr Matt Raven
‘The Earls of Edward III, 1330-60: Comital Power in Mid-Fourteenth Century England’

Dr Katy Roscoe
Convicts as Empire-Builders: unfree labour in Bermuda and Gibraltar’s dockyards

Dr Mindaugas Sapoka
Poland-Lithuania and Jacobitism c. 1714 – c. 1750

Dr Ian Stone
The book of Arnold fitz Thedmar

Dr Ben Thomas
The Royal Naval Reserve in rural Scotland and Wales, c. 1900-1939