Scouloudi Historical Award recipients 2011

Dr Remy Ambuhl
Prisoner of War in the Hundred Years War. The Golden Age of Private Ransoms

Dr Piers Baker-Bates
Questions of National Identity in Sixteenth-Century Rome: The Colonna and the Spanish Crown

Dr Ross Balzaretti
Victorians in the Apennines: Inland Liguria Observed, c. 1870 - c. 1914

Dr Erin Bell
Social status, gender and self-perception of nineteenth-century British and Norwegian Friends

Ms Rosemary Betterton
Maternal Bodies in the Visual Arts

Dr Peter Bysouth
Small but Flourishing. Towns of North-East Hertfordshire's Nineteenth-Century Extra-Urban Matrix

Dr John Davies
The Correspondence of John Campbell MP and Henry Fox, first Lord Holland

Dr Michael Finch
The Gallieni-Lyautey Method and pacification campaigning in Tonkin and Madagascar, 1885 - 1900

Mr John Griffin
The Yorkshire Potteries

Dr Andrew Gritt
The feckless poor: adult residency among adult men in nineteenth-century Lancashire

Mr Jeremy Haslam
Urban-Rural Connections in the Domesday Book and Anglo-Saxon Towns

Dr Deborah Hayden
Medieval Irish Linguistic Learning

Professor Helen Hills
Forms of Holiness: Relics and Saints in Baroque Naples

Dr Michael Hopkins
The Secretary of State, The State Department, and the Making of US Foreign Policy

Professor Richard Hoyle
Agricultural History Review 59, pt 2

Dr Kyle Hughes
St. Andrew's Day in Ireland: A Study in Urban Ethnic Celebrations, 1830 - 1914

Professor Claire Jowitt
Richard Hakluyt and Travel Writing in Early Modern Europe

Dr Stefanos Katsikas
Negotiating Diplomacy in the New Europe: Foreign Policy in Post-Communist Bulgaria

Dr Jill Liddington
Citizenship and the State: suffragettes and the battle for the 1911 census

Dr Anne Macleod
The Idea of Antiquity in Visual Representations of the Highlands and Island , 1700 - 1880

Dr Phillip McCluskey
Louis XIV's Military Operations of Lorraine and Savoy

Dr Steven Morewood
Defending Greece against Nazi Germany

Dr Elizabeth New
Patrons and Professionals in the Middle Ages

Dr John Oliphant
John of the Greys: Brigadier-General John Forbes 1707-59

Dr Alasdair Raffe
The Culture of Controversy: Religious Arguments in Scotland, 1660 - 1714

Dr Stephen Rawles
A Biography of Claude-Francois Menestrier: Printed Editions, 1655 - 1765

Dr Matthew Roberts
Chartism, Commemoration and the Cult of the Radical Hero

Dr Tim Shephard
Music as a tool of state in fifteenth-century Italy

Mr David Sherlock
Records of the Churchwardens of Mildenhall

Dr Christopher Thornton
VCH Essex, vol. XI

Dr Elizabeth Tingle
Purgatory at the end of the earth: The counter reformation and departed souls in Brittany , 1480 - 1720

Dr Linda Tollerton-Hall
Wills and will-making in Anglo-Saxon England: the social context