Honorary fellows

Honorary Fellowships recognise outstanding achievement in the promotion of history, scholarship, research and/or academic leadership over a considerable period of time. Honorary Fellowships can also be awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution as staff members to the Institute of Historical Research. Honorary Fellowships are therefore not confined to academic members of staff. Fellowships are offered by the Institute’s Advisory Council. Honorary Fellowships are for life. Award is by nomination.

Professor David Bates
Medieval history; Anglo-Norman studies
Professor John Beckett
English Regional History
Professor David Cannadine MA, LittD (Cantab), DPhil (Oxon), FBA, KB
Modern British history, Consultant, History of Education
Professor Michael Clanchy MA, PhD ( Reading ), FBA
Medieval education, law and archives
Ms Heather Creaton
Metropolitan history
Miss Valerie Cromwell
Modern parliamentary history
Dr Eveline Cruickshanks
Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century political history
Professor Martin Daunton, FBA
Taxation and politics in Britain since 1842
Ms Marie Fauroux
Anglo-Norman charters
Professor Sir Roderick Floud
Economic history
Professor Diana Greenway, FBA
Medieval history and paleography
Dr Clyve Jones
Parliamentary history
Professor Derek Keene MA, DPhil (Oxon)
Emeritus Professor of Metropolitan History and Honorary Fellow
Professor Linda Levy Peck
Stuart England
Mr Mark Lewisohn
Mr Robert Lyons
Dr Keith Manley
Professor Peter Marshall, CBE, FBA
The British Empire in the eighteenth century
Mr Donald Munro
Professor Dame Janet Nelson, FBA
Early medieval political and social history
Professor Patrick O'Brien, FBA
Economic history
Dr Alice Prochaska
Archives and manuscript collections
Dr Frank Prochaska
Modern British history
Miss Susan Reynolds MA (Oxon), FBA
States, nations, and law in the middle ages
Professor Jonathan Riley-Smith
The Crusades and the Latin East
Sir John Sainty KCB
Office holders
Professor Barry Supple, CBE, FBA
Economic history
Professor Michael Thompson, FBA
Twentieth-century British landed society
Professor Sir Richard Trainor, KBE
Nineteenth and twentieth century British social elites
Dr Graham Twigg
Epidemics in London, 1540-1625