Junior fellows

The IHR’s 22 Junior Fellows are specialists in British and world history, late antique to modern. Current research projects range from music in colonial Punjab to social mobility in postcolonial Africa, cultural exchange in 13th century Spain to Fenland drainage in early modern England. Junior Fellowships enable holders to complete doctorates or undertake post-doctoral research, with fellowships available for between 6 months and 2 years.

Full list of IHR Junior Fellowships.

Dr Catherine Arnold, Past & Present Fellow
Affairs of Humanity: Human Rights before the Nation-State
Christopher Bahl (SOAS), Thornley Fellow (6 months)
Travelling texts - Arabicised communities and histories of circulation across the early modern Western Indian Ocean
Irene Bavuso, EHS Postan Fellow
Political and Economic Development on Frontiers: the Scheldt-Meuse Paradigm
Dr Thomas Chopard, Jewish Studies Postdoctoral Fellow
The First Catastrophe of Central and East European Jewry : Wars, Pogroms, Displacements and Survival (1914-1924)
Sarah Gandee (Leeds), Scouloudi Fellow (6 months)
Law, Mobility and Identity: Reimagining the 'Criminal Tribe' in Postcolonial Punjab, 1918-1982
Dr Sacha Hepburn, Past & Present Fellow
Girlhood in British Colonial Africa: Gender and Childhood in Zambia and Kenya
Sveinn Jóhannesson, Past & Present Fellow
The Inquiring State: Science and Government in the United States across the Long Nineteenth Century
Radha Kapuria (KCL), Thornley Fellow (6 months)
Music in Colonial Punjab, c.1849-1947: A Social History (King’s College London)
Dr Jennifer Keating, Past & Present Fellow
Recourse to ruin: Eco-violence and social crisis in Russia, 1881-1930
Anna Kelley (Birmingham), Scouloudi Fellow (1 year)
Threads of History: Mediating the Late Antique and Early Medieval Cotton of Text, Excavation and the Museum
Simon Lewis, Jacobite Studies Trust Fellow
Lay Jacobitism and Theological Controversy in Britain, c.1689-c.1750
Stephanie Mawson (Cambridge), RHS Marshall Fellow
Incomplete Conquests in the Philippine Archipelago, 1565-1700
Angela Muir, EHS Power Fellow
Deviant Maternity: Illegitimacy in Eighteenth Century Wales
Allison Powers Useche, Past & Present Fellow
Settlement Colonialism: Compensatory Justice in United States Expansion, 1868-1978
Matt Raven (Hull), Scouloudi Fellow (6 months)
The Earls of Edward III, 1330-60
Elly Robson (Cambridge), RHS Centenary Fellow
Custom, Improvement, and Landscape in Fenland Drainage, 1560-1719
Dr Katy Roscoe, Pearsall Fellow
Convict Labour in Britain's Imperial Dockyards
Rebecca Simson, EHS Anniversary Fellow
Social Mobility in Postcolonial Africa
Dr Stephen Spencer, Past & Present Fellow
Remembering the Third Crusade in Western Europe and the Latin East, c.1187-c.1300
Dr William Tullett, Past & Present Fellow
Listening to London: The Practice of Sensory History
Teresa Witcombe (Exeter), Scouloudi Fellow (6 months)
Between Paris and Al-Andalus: Bishop Maurice of Burgos and his world, 1208-1238 (Exeter)
Meng Wu, EHS Tawney Fellow
Cooperation or Confrontation? A Comparative Study of the Chinese Modern Banks and Foreign Banks in China, 1912-1937