Research Associates

Research Associate positions at the IHR will be available to all former PhD students of the Institute and to all former Junior Research Fellows of the Institute. We anticipate that these positions will assist early career researchers by offering an ongoing academic association, especially for those in the process of publishing or applying for jobs. In addition, the Institute values the opportunity to maintain a continued association with our students and fellows.

In the case of PhD students, the position will be available upon successful completion of the degree; in the case of Junior Fellows, it will be available from the end of the fellowship tenure. Research Associates will have full access to the Institute, its facilities and resources, discounted events and training courses. These positions are non-stipendiary and office facilities are not provided. The duration of the associate position will be three years. At the end of the three-year term the holder will be required to submit a report.

There is a small fee associated with this, which is in line with Library membership fees for private researchers:

Associates will also have the benefits of Library membership.

Please contact our fellowships office at if you are interested in applying.

Sam Drake, Research Associate
Cornwall and the Kingdom: Connectivity, Cohesion, and Integration, c.1300-c.1420
Dr Lucy Hennings
England in Europe during the Reign of Henry III, 1216-1272
Dr Jennifer S Kain
Seamen as Prohibited Immigrants: Shore leave, sickness, sanity and syphilis
Dr Julia Leikin
Prize law, maritime neutrality, and the law of nations in Imperial Russia, 1768-1856
Dr Katy Roscoe
Convicts as Empire-Builders: unfree labour in Bermuda and Gibraltar’s dockyards
Dr Mindaugas Sapoka
Poland-Lithuania and Jacobitism c. 1714 – c. 1750
Dr Ian Stone
The book of Arnold fitz Thedmar
Dr Ben Thomas
The Royal Naval Reserve in rural Scotland and Wales, c. 1900-1939