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Senior Fellowships

The IHR's Senior Fellows are leading figures who play an important and active role in life of the Institute.

About Senior Fellowships

Our Senior Fellows are leading figures who are recognised for their research or the promotion of history as a discipline. They play a prominent role in the Institute's intellectual life.

Senior fellowships are non-stipendiary and run for up to three years. Fellows will have a strong publication record in historical research or have played a significant role in the development of history in the public realm. 

Apply for a Senior Fellowship

The Fellowships will be awarded to candidates with a distinguished record of achievement in historical research or the promotion of history in the wider world.

Senior Research Fellowships Guidelines 2023-24 FINAL PDF 184.71 KB

Our Senior Fellows

Elisabeth Kehoe 

Kelly Boyd 

Duncan Campbell-Smith 

Patricia Croot 

Christopher Currie 

Peter D'Sena 

Catherine Delano-Smith 

Christopher Dyer 

Jeremy Haslam 

Chris Lewis 

Philip Mansel 

Jill Pellew 

Roland Quinault 

Paul Seaward 

Daniel Snowman 

James Stourton 

Jenny Stratford 

Jonathan Sumption 

Andrea Tanner 

Alan Thacker 

Simon Thurley 

Karina Urbach 

Cornelie Usborne 

Lynne Walker 

Catherine Merridale 

Peter Salt 

Linda Risso 

David Roffe 

Geoffrey Alderman 

Alison Oram 

Virginia Crompton 

Brenda Assael 

Philip Carter 

Sarah Lloyd 

Clare Midgley 

John Stewart 

Sue Bruley 

Caroline Barron 

David Wykes 

Neil Jackson 

Tom Duggett 

Jamil Hasanli