About the Scouloudi Historical Awards: Research Awards

The purpose of a Scouloudi research award is to pay for research, and other expenses, to be incurred in the completion of advanced historical work, which the applicant intends subsequently to publish. This does not include expenses incurred in the preparation of a thesis for a higher degree, typing costs, the purchase of books, hiring secretarial or research assistant or the purchase of equipment such as typewriter, computer or printer. Please note that we also offer separate Scouloudi publication awards, which are intended to cover publication expenses. Publication awards and research awards have separate application forms; please ensure that you are completing the correct one. If you are in any doubt as to which of the two funds you should apply to, please contact jade.chesterton@sas.ac.uk. Applicants should not ask for more than their minimum requirements for the year concerned. Applications for very large sums or for longer periods tend to be self-defeating, as they would absorb too great a proportion of the available annual total. As a guide, individual awards may range between £100 and £1,000.

Area of research:  

History (broadly defined)

Amount awarded:  

Up to £1,000

Eligibility requirements

Applicants must be either graduates of a university in the United Kingdom with an honours degree (or postgraduate degree) in history, or a related subject; or British citizens with a similar qualification from a university outside the United Kingdom. Awards are not available to those registered for undergraduate or postgraduate courses or degrees.

Applicants may only apply for one Scouloudi Historical Award per year (either for Publication or Research, and regardless of whether the applications relate to different projects).