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16: ANGLICAN CHURCHES, CHAPELS AND PARISHES  ii) Records of non-parochial Anglican churches and chapels

This section includes chapels for which original records are held (albeit largely produced on microfilm).

Full catalogue entries will be found in our online catalogue (use the “Former catalogue”). To find the entries, do a Classification search for the Manuscript number given below in bold, adding leading zeroes if necessary to give the number five digits (e.g. Ms 08039 or Ms 15894).

If the collection consists of a single document, it will be given in the following way in this guide: Ms 15894; if the collection consists of more than one document, the first manuscript reference number only will be given with a dash to indicate further numbers, e.g. Ms 8039-. In order to find the entries in our online catalogue, please just enter the first number in a classification search, without a dash, e.g. Ms 08039. This search will find the collection level description which shows the full range of manuscript numbers for each collection.

The catalogue is available in hard copy at the Manuscripts Section's enquiry desk. Further details about our holdings, including details of bishops’ transcripts and other published and unpublished transcripts, are given in our handlists City of London Parish Registers (Guildhall Library 1999) and Greater London Parish Registers (Guildhall Library 2001). Both these handlists may be bought from Guildhall Library bookshop by e-mail: or may be consulted in the Manuscripts Section.

ASKE'S HOSPITAL, Hoxton, Chapel. Registers of baptisms 1731-67 and 1839, marriages 1696-1754 and burials 1724-1852, 1854. L 77.3 Ms 15894. Part of the archives of the Haberdashers' Company - see Section 18 (ii).

BRIDEWELL CHAPEL, the chapel of Bridewell Royal Hospital and Bridewell Precinct. Bridewell Precinct was absorbed into the parish of St Bride Fleet Street in 1864 (baptisms and marriages can be found in the registers of St Bride from 1864) and the chapel pulled down in 1871. Registers of baptisms 1669/70-1863, marriages 1671-1818, 1822-63 and burials, 1666/7-1845; preachers’ registers 1807-60. L 92 Ms 8309- . For Bridewell Precinct see Section 11 (iii). For Bridewell Royal Hospital see Section 18 (vi).

GEFFERY'S ALMSHOUSES CHAPEL. Register of burials 1794-1850. L 77.3 Ms 17064 . Part of the archives of the Ironmongers' Company - see Section 18 (ii).


ST JAMES ON THE WALL CHAPEL, alias LAMB’S CHAPEL, Monkwell Street. Demolished 1872. Registers of baptisms and marriages, 1618-1753. L 92 1159.


ST MARY'S HOSPITAL CHAPEL, Ilford, Essex. Register of baptisms 1952- 60. L 77.3 Ilford, Essex. In Ms 10955.

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