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23: Family, Personal and Private Estate Records

This section includes individuals and family’s personal, family and private estate records. As these collections are usually quite small, a phrase such as “Diary” has been added to the description to indicate that these are the only records we hold. Full catalogue entries will be found in our online catalogue (use the “Former catalogue”). To find the entries, do a Classification search for the Manuscript number given below in bold, adding leading zeroes if necessary to give the number five digits (e.g. Ms 00544, Ms 05345 or Ms 24199.

If the collection consists of a single document, it will be given in the following way in this guide: Ms 5345; if the collection consists of more than one document, the first manuscript reference number only will be given with a dash to indicate further numbers, e.g. Ms 34978-. In order to find the entries in our online catalogue, please just enter the first number in a classification search, without a dash, e.g. Ms 34978. This search will find the collection level description which shows the full range of manuscript numbers for each collection.

Alternatively, entries can be found using an Author Search in our online catalogue. When searching for personal names it is wise initially to search under surname and first name only. You can then select the appropriate person from the list of brief entries which then appears, guided by dates and any epithets shown.

The names below have been given in the form in which they appear in the online catalogue. If the name appears in the form of ATKINS, John d.1838, this indicates that the date is part of the name; if the name appears in the form of CECIL, Sir Robert (1563-1612), this indicates that the dates are not part of the name as it appears in our online catalogue. Similarly, epithets such as Rev., Dr., and Major are shown below in brackets as they do not form part of the name online. Confusingly, the epithet Sir does often form part of the online name but it is unwise to include it in an Author search as the search will then fail to find the person in question. Sir has been placed in brackets in the names below, for that reason.

A few records may require proof of identity; details are given in the online catalogue – please check before making a special journey.

The catalogue is available in hard copy at the Manuscripts Section's enquiry desk.

Unless otherwise stated, dates refer to the period for which information is given in the records, not to the date of their compilation. Covering dates only are given.

Readers interested in a particular family or individual not mentioned below may wish to conduct an author search for references to personal papers, as some have been considered too slight to mention here but are included in the online catalogue.

AIKEN, family, of 6 Dove Court, Old Jewry. Correspondence and other family papers. 1826-57. Ms 23771

ARCHEDALE, Richard, general merchant, of Elbow Lane. Personal papers. 1628-39. Ms 23935

ATKINS, John d.1838, citizen and merchant taylor, Alderman of Walbrook Ward 1808-38, Sheriff 1809-10, Lord Mayor 1818-19. Letter book. 1818-19. Ms 493

ATKINS, Samuel Elliott (1807-98), citizen and clockmaker, of 6 Cowper's Court, Cornhill. Memoir/diary. 1807-98. Ms 15819

BAKER, family see VINCENT, NEWTON, MACKEN, and BAKER families

BARKER, family. Family papers. 1764-1905. Part of the archives of Barker (Charles) and Sons Ltd, advertising agents - see Section 22 (i). Ms 19982- 

BEARSTED, Marcus Samuel,Viscount,1853-1927, petroleum entrepreneur and citizen and spectaclemaker, Alderman of Portsoken Ward 1891-1922, Sheriff 1894-5, Lord Mayor 1902-3. Diary. 1902-3. Ms 10590

BEEVERS, Stanley Benson. Historical notes on clocks. Circa 1978.  Ms 29186

BINDLOSS, family, of Archangel, Russia and England. Correspondence and family papers. 1830-89. Ms 19779-

BIRCH, Peter, vicar of St Bride Fleet Street 1694/5-1710. Account book. 1695-1710. Ms 3463

BLUNDELL, Major, haberdasher and warehouseman, successively of Cheapside and 70/71 Holborn Hill. Personal and estate records. 1770- 1801. Ms 11033

BODDINGTON, family, Levant merchants of London. Personal papers. 1639-1843. Ms 10823

BONE, Charles Edward, of Compton, Berkshire. Scrapbook. 1844-99. Ms 32822

BOWREY, Thomas, sea captain and free merchant. Personal papers. 1666- 1714. Ms 03041-

BRASS, William d.1888, builder and contractor of Old Street, Finsbury and The Elms, Leigham Court Road, Surrey. Estate records. 1868-1955. Ms 22339-

BRIDGEN, William, alderman of Farringdon Ward Within 1754-79, Sheriff 1756-7 and Lord Mayor 1763-4. Books of his shrieval expenses. 1756-7. Ms 33424A

BROWN, Dr. Henry Harrison, of Australia see Section 26

BUCKWORTH, family. Personal and estate records. Circa 1609-1905. Ms 20159

BUDGETT, family. Family papers. 1862-1956. Part of the archives of James Budgett and Son Ltd, wholesale grocers - see Section 22 (i). Ms 20378 

CAPPER, Anne, (nee FRY), quaker of Stoke Newington. Journal extracts. 1794-1821, compiled in 1899. Ms 9457

CECIL, Sir Robert (1563-1612), see Section 24 Amyce, Israel

CHAMPNESS, William Henry (Major Sir) (1873-1956), of Knole Way, Sevenoaks, Kent. Autobiographical notes and diaries. 1873-1938. Ms 14765-

CHAPMAN, family. Sir John Chapman, citizen and mercer, Alderman of Tower Ward 1680-9, Sheriff 1678-9, Lord Mayor 1688-9, and descendants. Deeds and legal papers. 1613-1813. Ms 8770-

CHATER, George, of 68 Cannon Street, chairman and treasurer of the St Antholin Lectureship charity. Private notebook. 1902-20. Ms 23681

CHURCHILL, Charles 1785-1844 (senior) and Charles 1823-1905 (junior), of Churchill and Sim Ltd, wood brokers, successively of Bucklersbury, Old Broad Street, and Clements Lane. Diaries. 1819-1904. Ms 5762

CHURCHILL, Charles J.F., of Weybridge, Surrey. Diary. 1868-77. Ms 17943

CLAPHAM, family and SKRINE, family. Estate records. 1354-1802. Ms 14001-

CLARK, Richard d.1831, citizen and joiner, Alderman of Broad Street Ward 1776-98, Sheriff 1777-8, Lord Mayor 1784-5, Chamberlain of London 1798-1831. Diaries and personal papers. 1782-8. Ms 3385-

CLARKE, Frederic Sydenham (1850-1921), employee of  Borneo Company in Bangkok, Thailand. Diaries, relating mostly to social activities, transcript and notes. 1872-3 Ms 31639

CLAYTON, P.B., Philip Byard, (Rev. Tubby Clayton), founder of Toc H and incumbent of All Hallows Barking by the Tower 1922-63. Substantial collection of personal papers, publications, sermons and photographs. Circa 1870-1972. Records of Toc H have been retained by the charity itself, Clayton’s papers about World War I service were sent to the Imperial War Museum, 29919-

CLAYTON, Robert, 1629-1707 (Sir), citizen and scrivener, Alderman of Cordwainer Ward 1670-76, Cheap Ward 1676-83, 1688, 1689-1707, Lord Mayor 1679-80; of Clayton and Morris, scriveners, merchant bankers and estate agents (see Section 22 (i)). Personal and estate papers. 1669-80. Ms 3542 and Ms 3615

COBB, Thomas Pix, of Janson, Cobb, Pearson and Co, solicitors, successively of Basinghall Street, Finsbury Circus, and College Hill (see also Section 22 (i) for the records of Janson, Cobb, Pearson and Co). Diaries. 1845-56. Ms 18770

CODNER, H.M.D., of Dartmouth, Devon, niece of Samuel Codner, founder of the Newfoundland School Society. Diary. 1844. Ms 16946

COMYN, Anna and Robert. Property account book. 1772-81. Ms 14214

COMYN, Valens, clerk to the Chamberlain of St. Paul’s Cathedral 1734-47 and COMYN, Stephen, Steward of St. Paul’s Cathedral estates from 1757. Household accounts and accounts as property agent for the estate of William Baron. 1731-47. Ms 25601- See also Richard Marples (d.1734/5) in this section.  

CROWLEY, John d.1728, citizen and draper, Alderman of Dowgate Ward 1727-8. Personal papers of his estate. 1730-83. Ms 8763-

DANIELL, A.S. Family papers. 1830-72. Part of the archives of A.S. Daniell and Co, East India merchants and agents - see Section 22 (i). Ms 20862-

DAVISON, William Henry (Sir), clerk to Sir John Cass’s Foundation 1900-42 and M.P. for South Kensington 1918-45. Correspondence. 1900-42. Ms 31062

DAWSON, Percy G. (b.1905). Historical notes on clocks. 1928-89. Ms 29187

DENNY, family, of Combs, Suffolk. Family and estate records. 1472-1853. Ms 16144-

DENT, family, of London and Sussex. Deeds, legal and other papers. 1850-1969. See also Section 22 (i). - DENT (E.) AND CO LTD, clock, watch and chronometer makers, for business papers. Ms 23814-

DICKINSON, Marshe (d.1765), citizen and grocer, Alderman of Queenhithe Ward 1749-65, Sheriff 1751-2, Lord Mayor 1756-7. Bills, account and memoranda books. 1732-57. Ms 100-

DOLLOND, family, optical instrument makers. Family and estate records. 1710-1910. See also Section 22 (i) for Dollond family business records. Ms 14805-

DUNCOMBE, Sir Charles. Abstract of title of Sir Charles Duncombe's fee farm rents in the following counties; Berks., Bucks., Cambs., Cornwall, Derbys., Devon, Dorset, Durham, Essex, Hunts., Leics., Lincoln, Norfolk, Northumberland, Somerset, Staffs., Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warks., Yorkshire and London. 1673-88 (compiled ca.1690) Ms 24535

DUNK, Arthur William (c.1871-1942), City Imperial Volunteer during the Boer War 1899-1900. Personal papers. 1899-1932. For records of the City Imperial Volunteers see Section 20. Ms 19020-

ELLIS, Sir John Whittaker (d.1887), citizen and merchant taylor, Alderman of Broad Street Ward 1872-1909, Sheriff 1874-5, Lord Mayor 1881-2. Estate papers. 1759-1935. Ms 8829-

EMERY, family, of London and Ely. Family papers. c.1786-1870. Ms 21463

FANNING, William (1816-87), agent of Dent and Co, tea dealers of London and Canton, China. Diary. 1841-2. Ms 11891

FARINGTON, family, of Grub Street, London and Iver, Buckinghamshire. Memoranda by Richard Farington, citizen and distiller about his family, including causes of death, and household. 1676-1749. Ms 2708

FEVERSHAM, Lord. Particulars of fee farm rents, belonging to the trustees of the late Lord Feversham, in the following counties: Bucks., Cambs., Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Hunts., Kent, Leics., Somerset, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warwicks., Wilts. Compiled late 18th century. Ms 24534

FITZJAMES, John. Commonplace book. Circa 1573. Ms 777

FLOWER, family. Family and estate papers. 1836-1939. Part of the archives of P.W. Flower and Sons, Australia, India and South Africa merchants - see Section 22 (i). Ms 19447-

FRY, Anne. see CAPPER nee FRY, Anne

FRYER, Sir John (1671-1726), citizen and pewterer, Alderman of Queenhithe Ward 1710-26, Sheriff 1715-16, Lord Mayor 1720-1. Autobiography. 1717-24/5. Ms 12017

GABRIEL, family, timber importers and merchants, of Lambeth and Streatham. Family papers. 1628-1970. Ms 35754-

GARRATT, Sir John (d.1859), citizen and goldsmith, Alderman of Bridge Ward 1821-32, Sheriff 1821-2, Lord Mayor 1824-5. Family and estate accounts. 1809-24. Ms 9910

GEFFE, Nicolas. Estate record and account book. Compiled circa 1593. Ms 4159

GIBBS, family. Family letters and papers. 1728-1929. Part of the archives of Gibbs (Antony) and Sons Ltd, merchants and foreign bankers - see Section 22 (i). Ms 11021-

GOODWIN, Robert, of the Hudson's Bay Company. Correspondence. 1776- 1804. Ms 6481-1A

GREEN, Stanley, of the 17th London Regiment. Reminiscences of his experiences during the First World War. Compiled 1929. Ms 24718

GREENHILL, family. Family and estate records. 1480-1863. Ms 16905-

GRIFFIN, Joseph, of Kinsale, Cork. Letter book concerning his property in the Old Bailey. 1712-19. Ms 8955

GUSSMAN, Boris William. Personal investments ledger. 1929-89. Ms 23748

HACKETT, MARIA (1783-1874), campaigner for church music, education of choristers etc.: see BUMPUS, J. S. and GARRETT, Kathleen Isabella (Section 25)

HALL, family, of Lincoln's Inn and elsewhere. Estate records and legal papers. 1545-1925. Ms 24128-

HALL, family. Thomas Henry Hall (1792-1856), citizen and feltmaker of London, antecedents and descendants. Family and personal papers. 1730-1892. Ms 28371-

HAMBRO, family. Correspondence and family papers. 1822-1937. Part of the archives of Hambros Bank Ltd - see Section 22 (i). Ms 19216-

HARVEY, family, of Chigwell, Essex. Deeds of property mainly in the City of London, Essex and Hackney in Middlesex, with some related papers. 1548-1757. Ms 35008-

HAYNE, Charles, of Dartmouth, Devon. Household accounts. 1720-1806. Ms 3289

HERBERT, William, 1772-1851, first librarian of Guildhall Library 1828-45. Memoir and letters to him. 1772-1845. See also Section 25. Ms 1556-

HODDER, family. Family papers. 1881-88. Part of the archives of Hodder and Stoughton, publishers - see Section 22 (i). Ms 16363-

HONEYBOURNE, Marjorie Blanche (1899-1974), London topographer. Correspondence. 1940-68. Ms 22356-

HOOKE, Robert, 1653-1703 (M.A., F.R.S.), surveyor to the City of London, commissioner for the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire. Journal 1672-83 and personal papers, 1641-95. Ms 1757-

HOWARD, C. Wilfred, (Rev.), rector of Elston, Nottinghamshire to 1932 and subsequently vicar of Torpenhow, Cumberland. Diaries. 1923-33. Ms 16947

HUDSON, Henry George (b.1807), citizen and waterman and lighterman, of Greenwich. Family papers. 1825-82. Ms 5897

HULEATT, C.B. (Rev.), chaplain of the Anglican chaplaincy of Messina, Sicily. Private family letters and papers. 1891-1900. Part of the chaplaincy archives - see Section 15 (i). Ms 23628

ILLIDGE, family. John Illidge (d.1846), stockbroker, Sheriff 1834-5, and also of descendants. Personal and estate papers. 1641-1936. Ms 24899-

JEFFERY, Paul (1927-1998), architectural historian. Research notes and photographs on Wren churches in the City and Westminster, 1980s-96. Ms 31684-

JEFFREYS, George Jeffreys, first Baron of Wem, Common Serjeant of London 1671- 8 and Recorder of London 1678-80. Personal papers. 1669-88. Ms 14177-

JOHNSON, Charles James, 1880-1971, Lloyd's underwriter 1922-71. Personal papers. 1910-74. Ms 22335-

JUMP, family of Jump and Sons, clock and watchmakers, successively of Tachbrook Street, Pimlico; Old Broad Street; Pall Mall; Old Bond Street; and Mount Street. Scrapbook. 1874-1976. Ms 15189

KNIGHT, John, fl.1794-1821, of Whitchurch, Shropshire. Correspondence and accounts. 1794-1821. Ms 5863-

LANE, Richard Stuart, London-Baltic merchant and shipping agent, of Lane, Hankey and Co, of Old Broad Street and Chesham place, SW. Diaries. 1875-82. See also his entry in Section 22 (i). Ms 11463

LANE, Thomas, attorney-at-law, of Goldsmiths' Hall, clerk to the Goldsmiths' Company. 1785-1820. Personal and household accounts. 1788-1821. See also his entry in Section 22 (i). Ms 11457

LATHAM, William see WALMESLEY, William Gerard

LAWRIESTON, David, seaman. Diary when marooned with other sailors on an uninhabited island off New Zealand. 1811-12. Ms 548

LEFROY, T.E., served with the 20th Middlesex (Artists') R.V., and the City Imperial Volunteers during the Boer War 1899-1900. Scrapbook. 1893-1911. For records of the City Imperial Volunteers see Section 20 Ms 28865

LEWIS, John, 1675-1747, (Rev.), Church of England clergyman and antiquarian. Papers and books. 1714- circa 1749. Ms 243

LOMAS, family, clerks to the Vintners’ Company 1857-1927. Correspondence and financial records. 1814-1917. Ms 36824-

LOWCOCK, George, cutler. Letters and papers, with a few letters from his descendants. 1623-4, 1779-1891. Ms 32990

LUCAS, James, clerk of the works at St Paul's Cathedral. Correspondence. 1724-31. Ms 25597

MACKEN, family see VINCENT, NEWTON, MACKEN and BAKER families

MARPLES, Richard, d. 1735, auditor to the Dean and Chapter of St Paul's Cathedral. Estate papers chiefly relating to mines in Derbyshire and Flintshire. Circa 1720-39. Ms 25602-

MAWHOOD, William, 1724-97, woollen draper and recusant, of Cloth Fair, West Smithfield. Diaries and accounts 1764-90 and estate papers 1709-96. Ms 9939-

MITCHELL, George Michael, banker. Personal account book. 1819-50 Ms 29409

MONTEAGE, Stephen, accountant at South Sea House and Custom House. Diaries. 1733-64. Ms 205

MOORE, John, 1620-1702 (Sir), citizen and grocer, Alderman of Farringdon Ward Without 1666-7, Walbrook Ward 1671-87, 1688-1702, Sheriff 1672, Lord Mayor 1681-2. Personal, business and estate papers of Sir John and his family. 1556, 1643-1824. Ms 507-

MORRIS, John (d.1682), citizen and scrivener, Alderman of Cheap Ward 1669, M.P. for Bletchingley 1679-82. Accounts. 1669-80. Part of the archives of Clayton and Morris, scriveners, merchant bankers and estate agents - see Section 22 (i). Ms 6428

NEWNHAM, Alfred George, City Imperial Volunteer during the Boer War 1900. Personal papers. 1900. For records of the City Imperial Volunteers see Section 20 Ms 28866

NEWTON, family see VINCENT, NEWTON, MACKEN and BAKER families           

NEWTON, John, 1725-1807, (Rev.), rector of St Mary Woolnoth 1779-1807. Correspondence, sermon notes and papers about his life. 1779-ca.1807 and 1888-1907 Ms 2084-

NOBLE, Mark, fl. 1809, of Battersea, pump and fire engine manufacturer. Diary, relating to arrangements for finance, materials and trials of a pump, with transcript. Ms 31637-8

NORRIS, family, of Hackney, Middlesex. Deeds. 1562-1858. Ms 21378-

OXWICKE, family, of Norwich and London. Fragment of heraldic pedigree. 1646. Ms 30691                                  

PARK, David Francis, of Credit Foncier de Mauritius Ltd, 17 Change Alley, Cornhill. Personal papers. 1857-85. Ms 10699 and Ms 10717

PEPYS, family, descendants of Richard Pepys (circa 1589-1659), uncle of the diarist Samuel Pepys. Correspondence. 1641/2-78. Ms 22424-

PEPYS, Samuel (1633-1703), diarist. Letters and papers. 1655/6-1688/9. Ms 22425

PERCY, family, Worcestershire. Collection of papers, probably made by Thomas Percy (1729-1811), Bishop of Dromore. Circa 1800. Ms 3071

POYNDER, John, clerk and solicitor to the Royal Hospitals of Bridewell and Bethlem 1805-45, interested in religious and moral issues. Private legal, family and personal papers. 1809-46. Ms 33431-2

PYE, family of Chadwell Heath, Essex. Bell-ringing records. 1881-1955. Ms 34991-

RAE, George, vice-president of Chartered Institute of Bankers. Correspondence on banking. 1865-87. Ms 30907-

RAWLINSON, Mary (Lady), wife of Sir Walter Rawlinson, Alderman of Dowgate Ward 1773-7. Catalogue of her library. 1780. Ms 199

RAWLINSON, Sir Walter (d.1805), citizen and grocer, Alderman of Dowgate Ward 1773-7. Commonplace books. Compiled circa 1770-85. Ms 200.

RICHARDSON, H. G. (Henry Gerald, 1884-1974), civil servant and medieval historian. Personal papers, including notes on aspects of medieval history. Circa 1920-60. Ms 22273

RODWELL, John Medows, 1808-1900, rector of St Ethelburga Bishopsgate 1843-1900. Autobiography/diary compiled 1864-5; papers re ritualistic practices and his non-residence, 1868-1902. Ms 4238 and Ms 28309

ROGERS, Thomas, d. 1898, citizen and broderer, of Rogers and Co., hosiery manufacturers of Nottingham. Diary. 1834-98. Ms 19019

ROWSELL, William, of Cheapside. Personal diary. 1832-3. Ms 24458

RUMBALL, Thomas, civil engineer. Personal papers. 1835-54. Ms 12018A

SALAMAN, family. Family and estate records. 1657-1963. Ms 14717-

SALTING, family. Estate records. 1826-1919. Part of the archives of P.W. Flower and Sons- see Section 22 (i) Ms 19470-

SAULL, family, of Aldersgate Street, wine and spirit merchants. Family papers. 1820-circa 1870. Ms 33957

SIM, Alexander Billing (1850-1916), partner, 1884-1912, in Churchill and Sim Ltd, woodbrokers, successively of Bucklersbury; Old Broad Street; and Clements Lane. Letter book. 1875-92. Ms 5762A

SKRINE, family see CLAPHAM and SKRINE families

SMITH, Sir William (d.1752), citizen and wax chandler, Alderman of Aldgate Ward 1747-52, Sheriff 1741-2. Estate papers. 1590-1803. Ms 7329

SPENCER, Lawrence senior and Lawrence junior, successively paymasters and clerks of the works at St Paul's Cathedral. Account books. 1710- 15. Ms 25673

SUTHERLAND, A.G.R., apprentice on MV British Renown. Diary. 1950-1. Ms 29577

TAIT, Andrew Carlyle, of New Cross and later Ilford, Essex, clerk at James Spicer and Co, stationers and paper merchants, of 50 Thames Street. Diary. 1893-4. Ms 20383

THRELFORD, William Lacon, (Sir), Sheriff 1932-3. Personal papers. 1904- 43. Ms 23956

THWAYTES, William, sole owner of Davison, Newman and Co, tea dealers and grocers, of Fenchurch Street, 1799-1834. Personal papers. 1789- 1837. Part of the archives of Davison, Newman and Co - see Section 22 (i). Ms 8605 and Ms 8609

TODD, Charles John, (Rev.), citizen and waxchandler, naval chaplain 1881-99. Personal papers. 1878-92. Ms 17944-

TURNER, William (Sir), (1615-93), citizen and merchant taylor, Alderman of Farringdon Ward Within 1660, Candlewick Ward 1662-8, Castle Baynard Ward 1668-87, 1688, 1690-3, Lord Mayor 1668-9, woollen draper, cloth and silk merchant. Personal and estate papers. 1604-1714. Ms 5099-

UPJOHN, James, b. 1782, citizen and goldsmith, clock and watchmaker of Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell. Autobiography. Compiled 1780-3. Ms 20384

VINCENT, NEWTON, MACKEN and BAKER, families. Family papers. Circa 1650-1961. Ms 16927-

WALLINGTON, Nehemiah (1598-1658), puritan, of Little Eastcheap. Journal. 1630-circa 1641. Ms 204

WALMESLEY, William Gerard and LATHAM, William. Journal of a pedestrian tour in North Wales. 1819. Ms 477

WEBB, Philip Carteret, 1700-1770, of Lincoln’s Inn, joint solicitor to the Treasury. Original papers in the cases Rex v. Wilkes concerning the “North Briton” no. 45 and “Essay on Woman”. 1761-5. Ms 214

WHELLOCK, Robert Phillips, A.R.I.B.A. (1835-1905). Sketchbooks and personal papers. 1818-84. Ms 21753-

WHITBY, Thomas, Deputy of Vintry Ward. Personal papers. Circa 1804 – circa 1844. Ms 202-

WILKES, John, 1727-1797, politician, citizen and joiner, Alderman of Farringdon Ward Without 1769-97, Sheriff 1771-2, Lord Mayor 1774-5. Correspondence and personal papers. 1761-circa 1795. See also Webb, Philip Carteret in this section. Ms 2892-

WOODFORDE, family, of Leicestershire and Buckinghamshire. Fragment of combined cartulary and rental of family estates, including ten full-page contemporary paints of family heraldry. Circa 1510. [From the collection of the antiquary Thomas Martin (1697-1771) of Palgrave, Suffolk.] Ms 1756

WOODTHORPE, Henry, Town Clerk of London 1825-42. Memoranda and commonplace book. Compiled circa 1840-1. Ms 6826

WORSLEY, William, Doctor of Civil Law and Dean of St Paul's Cathedral 1479-99. Household accounts. Circa 1479-98. Ms 25166-

WRIGHT, Charles H.H., (Rev.), chaplain of the English church of Holy Trinity, Boulogne, France. Diary. 1868-71.Ms 16948

WRIGHT, John, 1770?-1844, publisher and editor. Letters, papers and pamphlets on the water supply to the metropolis. 1719-1831. Ms 172-

YOUNG, Robert, 1777-1813, (Dr.), minister at the Scots Church, London Wall 1803-13. Letter book, autobiography and antiquarian notes, 1801-13. Ms 4972-

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