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Subject Index to Collections by Trade: Accountancy to Estate Agents

Index entries refer to section 22 (i) of the Section's general Guide to Collections, unless indicated as (ii) which refers to section 22 (ii)

Bagshaw & Co

Booth White

Drury, Thurgood and Co

Edward Moore and Sons

Francis Nicholls White and Company

Franklin, Wild and Co

Hill Vellacott

Institute of Accountants (ii)

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ii)

Nicholls and Leatherdale

Parkin S. Booth and Company

Reads and Co

Robinson Nicholls and Company

Sissons, Bersey, Gain, Vincent & Co

Society of Incorporated Accountants (ii)

Spicer and Pegler

Turquand Youngs and Co

Waissen Wilson

Westcott, Maskall and Co

Whitwell, John


Charles Barker and Sons Ltd

G. Street and Company Ltd



Adam, James, John, Robert and William

Kelsey, Richard


Assurance: see insurance


Farebrother, Ellis and Co
Smith, Edward


Birch, Lucas


Banking (general):

Association of English Country Bankers (ii)

Balance book of an unidentified London banker

Bankers' Clearing House Ltd

British Bankers' Association (ii)

British Overseas and Commonwealth Banking Association (ii)

Central Association of Bankers (ii)

Chartered Institute of Bankers (ii)

Committee of London Clearing Bankers (ii)

Foreign Banks and Securities Houses Association (ii)

London Joint Stock Banks Committee (ii)


Banking (discount banking):
Brightwen and Co
Gerrard and National

Gillett Brothers Ltd

National Discount Co Ltd
Reeves, Whitburn and Co Ltd
Smith St Aubyn and Co Ltd

Union Discount Company of London


Banking (merchant banking):
Abbott, Robert
Accepting Houses Committee (ii)

African Banking Corporation

Antony Gibbs and Sons Ltd

Bank of British West Africa Ltd
Bank of Nigeria Ltd
Baring Brothers (catalogue only)

Brown, Shipley and Co Ltd
Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China

Clayton and Morris

Cull and Co Limited
Eastern Bank

Frederick Huth and Co

Fruhling, Goschen and Co
Guinness, Mahon & Co
Hambros Bank Ltd
Issuing Houses Association (ii)

Kleinwort, Sons and Co
London and South African Bank
Morgan, Grenfell & Co Ltd
Munkley, Samuel
Ottoman Bank
Rushout, Sir James (in Section 26 of Guide)
Sandeman, Sons and Co Ltd

Yule, Catto & Co


Banking (savings banks):
London Provident Institution


Brass founding:
J Tylor and Sons


Felix Calvert and Co
Whitbread and Company (catalogue only)


Borneo Company Ltd


Vandekell, Henry


Strong, Edward
Wood, Thomas


Building Societies:
Longton and Fenton Permanent Benefit Building Society


Bullion broking:
Mocatta and Goldsmid


Institute of Meat (ii)

J. T. Hart and Sons Ltd


Archer, James


Cattle food:
Cattle Feeding Stuffs Central Advisory Committee (ii)
London Cattle Food Trade Association (ii)


Chambers of Commerce:
Association of British Chambers of Commerce (ii)
Federation of Commonwealth Chambers of Commerce (ii)
London Chamber of Commerce (ii)

National Chamber of Trade (ii)



Durham Chemical Group Ltd

Durham Raw Materials Ltd

Harrisons and Crosfield Ltd

Harrisons and Crosfield (America) Inc

Harrisons and Crosfield (Canada) Ltd


B. Hooper and Co

Sparks, White and Co

Thomas Laugher and Sons (industrial chemists)

Wholesale Chemists and Allied Trades Protection Association (ii)


China Club (ii)


Chronometer making:
Birch, William
Charles Frodsham and Co Ltd

E. Dent and Co Ltd
Joseph Preston and Sons

Kullberg, Victor
Parkinson and Frodsham
Sills, E.
Turner, William


J. Barnsdale and Son
Birch, William
Charles Frodsham and Co Ltd
Daniel Desbois and Sons
E Dent and Co Ltd
E Pitcher & Co
Gray, Benjamin
Joseph Preston and Sons
Parkinson and Frodsham
Thwaites and Reed


Holmes and Pyke


Coal and Coke:
British Italian Shipping and Coal Co Ltd

Burnyeat, Brown and Co

Chinese Engineering & Mining Company

City of London Gaslight and Coke Co
Coal Factors' Society (ii)
Coal Meters' Committee (ii)

Cowie Harbour Coal Company Ltd

Glenavon Garw Collieries Ltd

London Coal Exchange (ii)
Pearson (Maria?)
Powell's Tillery Steam Coal Ltd
Settle, Speakman and Company

Taff Merthyr Steam Coal Co

United National Collieries Ltd
Wilson, Sons and Co Ltd


Harrisons and Crosfield Ltd

Harrisons Ramsay Proprietary Ltd

J.W. Doane and Co
Ouvah Coffee Co Ltd
W. H. Tindall and Co


Commission merchants:
Heckscher and Pearson


Harrisons and Crosfield (Borneo) Ltd

Harrisons Malaysian Estates Ltd

London Copra Association (ii)


Corn (see also grain):
Corn Exchange (ii)

Denny, Thomas
London Corn Exchange (ii)

London Corn Exchange Importers' Association (ii)
London Corn Trade Association (ii)
National Federation of Corn Trade Associations (ii)

Skelton Brothers


Fragment of an account of an unknown cutler, brother of a John Trott, 1624-5


James Vickers and Co

Sparks, White and Co


Drapery: see textiles


Druggists: see pharmacy


Gouthit, William
Leppington, Lemuel
Skilbeck brothers Ltd


Baghdad Light and Power Co Ltd
Imperial Continental Gas Association
Manaos Tramways and Light Co Ltd

Africa Marine and General Engineering Co Ltd

Binny and Co

Borneo Company Ltd

Harrisons Lister Engineering Ltd

J Tylor and Sons

West Java Engineering Co Ltd


Estate agents and estate managers:
Abbott, Robert
Clayton and Morris
Farebrother, Ellis and Co

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