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Subject Index to Collections by Trade: Fertilisers to Lighterage

Index entries refer to section 22 (i) of the Section's general Guide to Collections, unless indicated as (ii) which refers to section 22 (ii)

Association of British Organic Fertilisers Ltd (ii)


Ashdown (Leadenhall) Ltd
H Barber and Son Limited
London Fish Trade Association and associated bodies (ii)
Luxton and Co


Croskey, Joseph Dickenson
Poland, R.H.


City of London Gaslight and Coke Company
Colombo Gas and Water Company
Great Central Gas Consumers' Co
Imperial Continental Gas Association


Seal, Anthony


Grain (see also Corn):
East Indian Grain and Oilsed Shippers' Association of London (ii)
London Port Area Grain Committee (ii)


Davison, Newman & Co
Hog, Alexander

James Budgett and Son Ltd

Smith, Joseph


Harrison and Legas


Fisher, Thomas


Borneo Abaca Ltd

Toye & Bromley


Heraldic painters:
Bishop, George
Sharpe, Thomas and Sharpe, William


Booth White
Francis Nicholls White and Company

Parkin S. Booth and Company


Accident Insurance Company Ltd

Accident Offices Association (ii)

Accident Offices Association (Overseas) (ii)

Aircraft Insurance Committee (ii)
Albion Fire Insurance Association Ltd
Alliance Assurance Company Ltd
Alliance British and Foreign Life and Fire Assurance Co
Alliance Marine Assurance Co
Ardjoeno Insurance Co
Associated Fire Insurers (Government Commodities) Management Committee (ii)

Assurance Educational Council (ii)
Atlas Assurance Co Ltd

Aviation Insurance Office Association (ii)

Bankers' Guarantee and Trust Fund
Batavia Sea and Fire Insurance Co
Bath Sun Fire Office
Birmingham Mutual Fire and General Insurance Association
British and European Insurance Co Ltd
British Commercial Fire Insurance Co Ltd

British Commonwealth Insurance Company

British Equitable Assurance Co Ltd
British Fire Insurance Co Ltd
British General Insurance Co Ltd
British Insurance Association (ii)

British Law Fire Insurance Co Ltd

Building Society Insurance Committee (ii)

Caledonian Insurance Co
Car and General Insurance Corporation Ltd
Car Services Ltd
Central Insurance Co, Birmingham
Century Insurance Co Ltd
Church of England Life and Fire Assurance Trust and Annuity Institution
Clergy Mutual Assurance Society

Coal Pool (ii)
Colonial and Foreign Banks Guarantee Fund
Commercial Union Assurance Co Ltd
Consequential Loss Committee (ii)

Corporation of Insurance Brokers (ii)

County Fire Office Ltd
Crown Life Assurance Company

Debris Clearance Pool (ii)

Economic Life Assurance Society
Edinburgh Assurance Co Ltd
Equitable Life Assurance Society

Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Ltd

Engineering Offices Association (ii)

Equitable Reversionary Interest Society Ltd
Essex and Suffolk Accident Indemnity Society
Essex and Suffolk Insurance Co Ltd

Farmers' and Gardeners' Hailstorm Insurance Co
Farmers' and General Fire and Life Insurance and Loan and Annuity Co
Fine Art and General Insurance Co Ltd
Fire Offices' Committee (ii)

Fire Offices' Committee (Foreign) (ii)

Fire Offices' Committee of Ireland (ii)

General Accident and Guarantee Co Ltd
Glasgow Rate and Salvage Association (ii)

Globe Insurance Company
Great Britain Mutual Life Assurance Society

Gresham Fire and Accident Insurance Society
Gresham Life Assurance Society
Guardian Assurance Company Ltd
Guardian Plate Glass Insurance Co Ltd

Hand-in-Hand Fire and Life Insurance Society

Harrisons and Crosfield (Borneo) Ltd

Harrisons, King and Irwin Ltd

Home Office Vehicles Pool (ii)    
Imperial Insurance Company
Imperial Life Insurance Company
Imperial Live stock and General Insurance Company Ltd
Indemnity Marine Insurance Company Ltd

Industrial Life Offices' Association (ii)

Institute of London Underwriters (ii)

Java Companies
Java Sea and Fire Insurance Company

Law Fire Insurance Society
Law Life Assurance Society
Law Union and Rock Insurance Co Ltd

Legal and General Assurance Society Ltd
Licenses and General Insurance Co Ltd

Life Offices' Association (ii)
Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co
Liverpool and London Plate Glass Insurance Co

Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society
Liverpool Victoria Insurance Corporation Ltd
Lloyd's of London (ii)
Local Government Guarantee Society Ltd
London Amicable Assurance Society Ltd
London and Lancashire Insurance Company Ltd
London and Manchester Plate Glass Insurance Company Ltd

London and Scottish Assurance Corporation Ltd
The London Assurance

London Australasian Insurance Committee (ii)

London, Edinburgh and Dublin Life Assurance Company
London Fire Engine Establishment (ii)
London Life Association Ltd
London Salvage Corps (ii)

London South African Insurance Committee (ii)

London West Africa Insurance Committee (ii)

Manchester Assurance Company Ltd
Mercantile Fire Insurance Company
Metropolitan Life Assurance Society
Monarch Fire and Life Assurance Company
Motor Union Insurance Company

Mutual Life Assurance Society

National Amalgamated Approved Society (ii)

National Conference of Industrial Assurance Approved Societies (ii)

National Life Assurance Society

National Mutual Life Assurance Society

National Provident Institution
National Provincial Insurance Co Ltd
New India Assurance Co Ltd
North British and Mercantile Insurance Co Ltd
Northern Assurance Company Ltd
Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Fire and Life Assurance Company

Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation Ltd
Ocean and General Guarantee Company Ltd
Ocean Marine Insurance Company Ltd
Ocean, Railway and General Accident Assurance Co Ltd
Ocean, Railway and General Travellers' Assurance Co Ltd

Palatine Insurance Company Ltd

Patriotic Insurance Company
Phoenix Assurance Company
Pilot Insurance Corporation Ltd
Planet Assurance Corporation Ltd
Printers and Theatres Rating Committee (Southern Committee) (ii)

Provident Clerks' and General Guarantee and Accident Company Ltd
Provident Life Office
Provident Mutual Life Assurance Association

Prudential Assurance Company

Railway Passengers Assurance Company
Reading and District Mutual Plate Glass Insurance Company Ltd

Reliance Marine Insurance Company
Reversionary Interest Society Ltd
Rock Life Assurance Company
Royal Exchange Assurance

Scottish Metropolitan Life Assurance Company

South African Accident Council (ii)
State Assurance Company Ltd
Sun Insurance Office

Trading with the enemy Joint Insurance Committee (ii)

Union Assurance Society
United British Insurance Company Ltd
United Kingdom Life Assurance Company

University Life Assurance Society

Veritas Insurance Company

Victory Insurance Company

Westminster and General Life Assurance Association
Whittington Life Assurance Company

World Auxiliary Insurance Corporation Ltd
World Marine and General Insurance Company Ltd


Insurance broking:
Fenning and Shepard

James Fenning and Co

Knight, C.S.
Willis, Faber and Dumas Ltd


Insurance underwriting:
Fenning and Shepard
Heckscher and Pearson
Johnson, Charles James

Knight, C.S.


Alto Parana Development Co Ltd
Anglo-American Debenture Corporation

Assam and African Investments Ltd
City Offices Company Ltd
Debenture Corporation Ltd
G.T.S. Syndicate Ltd

Globe Telegraph and Trust Co Ltd
Guarantee Insurance and Investment Company Ltd

Harcros Investment Trust Ltd

Harrisons and Crosfield (Holdings) Ltd

Harrisons and Crosfield Securities Ltd

Harrisons Malaysian Estates (Holdings) Ltd

Malayalam Plantations (Holding) Ltd
St Mary Axe Securities Ltd


Harrison and Legas


Baldwin and Elliott
Plumsted, Robert


Birch, William

George Attenborough and Son
Searle & Co


Brunskill, Reginald Fothergill

Burkitt, Edward Herbert
Douce and Rivington

Gilbert Samuel and Co
Holford family
Hurrell and Mayo
Janson, Cobb, Pearson and Co
Jenings, Bolton and Jenings
Lane (John, Thomas and John)
Major and Slade
Mander, Charles Henry Waterland
Merriman, Mark Marshall

Oates, Edward

Parker, Garrett and Co
Pearse and Peachey
Prideaux and Sons
Rivington and Son
Ruck, William Ernest
Smith and Tilson

Society of Public Notaries of London (ii)

Sutton, George Frederick
Towse, (John and John David)
Willis, Fairthorne and Clarke

Woodhouse, John


Moore, Sir John (see Section 23 of Guide)


Dyster, Nalder and Co
Hide Shippers and Agents' Association (ii)
International Council of Hide Sellers' Associations (ii)
Thomas, James and Thomas Powell
United Tanners' Federation (ii)


Union Lighterage Company Ltd

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