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Subject Index to Collections by Trade: Saddlers to Wool

Index entries refer to section 22 (i) of the Section's general Guide to Collections, unless indicated as (ii) which refers to section 22 (ii)


Baldwin and Elliott



Council of the Corporation of Foreign Bondholders (ii)



Dry Docks Corporation of London Ltd
Gray, Mackenzie and Co Ltd
Rivers Steam Navigation Co Ltd
W. H. Tindall and Co



Australasian United Steam Navigation Co Ltd
Borneo Company Ltd
British India Associated Steamers Ltd
Brooke, William
Delmege, Allen and Co Ltd
Delmege, Forsyth and Co Ltd
East Indian Grain and Oilseed Shippers' Association of London (ii)
Gray, Mackenzie and Co Ltd
Hide Shippers and Agents' Association (ii)
India General Navigation and Railway Co Ltd
Islay, Kerr and Co
Lane, Richard Stuart
Lewis and Baily
Macdonald, Hamilton and Co
Mackay and Co Ltd
Malabar Coast Chartering Coalition

Maples, Richard

Pickert, Engelbert David Ferdinand
Port of London Authority (ii)
Rio de Janeiro Lighterage Company
Rivers Steam Navigation Co Ltd
Sandeman, Sons and Co Ltd
Smith, Mackenzie and Co Ltd

Symington, William
W. H. Tindall and Co
Wilson, Sons and Co Ltd

(Unidentified businesses at end of Section 22i)
Cashbook of an unidentified shipping company....


Birch, William


Solicitors: see Law



Archedale, Richard
Stringer and Richardson


Spirits: see wine and spirits



George Barber & Son Ltd

Paper Trade Protection Association (ii)


Stock exchanges:

London Stock Exchange (ii)



Bates, John
Cannon, Stephen
Cazenove & Co

Clayton, Byng and Paget
Corthorn and Scott
Cruikshank & Co
D. L. Thomson & Company
Davidge, George and John
Foster and Braithwaite
G. B. Tydd and Co
G. S. Herbert and Sons
Galloway & Pearson

Gordon L. Jacobs & Co
Greenwood, A. A.

Heseltine, Powell & Co
Holland and Balfour
James Capel & Co
Montagu Nicholas & Co
Mullens & Co
Nathan and Rosselli
Price and Pott
Read, Hurst-Brown and Co

Russell, William
Sheppards and Chase
T. T. Curwen & Sons

Whiteheads and Coles
Whittington, P.R.

William Morris and Sons

(Unidentified businesses at end of Section 22i)
Clients ledgers of an unidentified stock and share broker



Flower, Ridehalgh & Co



Society of Sugar Refiners of London (ii)



Farebrother, Ellis and Co



Herbert Chappell Ltd



London Oil and Tallow Trades Association (ii)



Ankola Tea and Rubber Co Ltd

Assam Company Ltd
Assam Estates Ltd
Assam Frontier Tea Co Ltd
Bhooteachang Tea Co Ltd
Borneo Company Ltd
Boulnois, Drew and Co
Brae and Chingoor Tea Estates Ltd
Brash Brothers (Tea) Lmiited

Budla Beta Tea Co Ltd
Crosfield, Lampard and Co

Crosfield, Lampard, Clark and Co

Davenport and Co Ltd

Empire of India and Ceylon Tea Co Ltd
Empire of India Holdings Ltd
Fanning, William
Francis Peek, Winch and Co

George White & Co

Greenwood Tea Co Ltd

Harrisons and Crosfield Ltd
Harrisons and Crosfield (Hong Kong) Ltd
Harrisons and Eastern Export Ltd
Harrisons, King and Irwin Ltd
Harrisons Ramsay Proprietary Ltd
Kalline Tea Co Ltd

Kertasarie Tea Co Ltd
Koyah Tea Co Ltd

Lampard, Clark & Co
Lanka Plantations Co Ltd

Lunuva (Ceylon) Tea and Rubber Estates Ltd

Malayalam Plantations Ltd
Northern Dooars Tea Co Ltd
Peek Bros. and Winch Ltd

Phillips, Harrisons and Crosfield Ltd

Salonah Tea Co Ltd
Scottish Assam Tea Co Ltd
Singlo Holdings Ltd
Singlo Tea Co Ltd
Stringer and Richardson

Tait and Co Ltd
Thanai Tea Co Ltd

Twining, Crosfield & Co Ltd
Upper Assam Tea Co Ltd
Western Cachar Co Ltd

W. H. Tindall and Co
Zaloni Tea Estates Ltd


Telegraph Companies:

Exchange Telegraph Company Ltd
Globe Telegraph and Trust Co Ltd



Anglo-Russian Cotton Factories Ltd
Archedale, Richard
Baldwyn and Tynte (woollen drapers)
Binny and Co Ltd (wool, Cotton, silk)
Blundell, Major (haberdasher)
Consolidated Cotton and Oil Mills Limited

Cooper Craigs Limited (ii)

Cowley and Hewetson

Croskey, Joseph Dickenson (textile merchant and furrier)

Daniel Harvey and Company (Levant cloth merchant)

Ede and Ravenscroft Ltd (robemakers, wigmakers etc.)
Garden Reach Spinning and Manufacturing Co Ltd
Glanfield Securities Ltd

Gourepore Co Ltd (spinners and jute manufacturers)
Grahams Trading Co Ltd (textile spinning, weaving and printing)
Harrisons, King and Irwin Ltd

Hovener and Browne (textile dealers)
Myers (wool broker)
Pawsons & Leafs Ltd

Steel Brothers and Company Ltd

Thomas Weatherall and Sons (wholesale haberdashers)
Thorne and Company

Timbrell, John (linen draper)
Turner, Sir William (woollen draper and cloth and silk merchant)
Vincent, Zelophead Wyeth (hotpresser of woollen stuffs)
Welch, Margetson and Company Ltd (menswear manufacturers)

Wilkinson, Abel (linen draper)

(unidentified businesses at end of Section 22i)
Anonymous draper's daily record, 1497-8...
Ledger of an unidentified merchant at Cadiz dealing in cloth
Sales ledger of an unidentified tailor or outfitter
Wool merchant's pattern book...



Alto Parana Development Co Ltd
Anglo Thai Corporation
Borneo Company Ltd
Carst and Walker Holdings (Proprietary) Ltd

Chest Components Ltd

Churchill and Sim Ltd

Gabriel, Wade & English Ltd

Harrisons and Crosfield Ltd

Harrisons and Crosfield (Borneo) Ltd

Plywood Chest Association (ii)

Sabah Timber Company Ltd

Steel Brothers and Company Ltd
W. H. Tindall and Co



Borneo Company Ltd

Chenderiang Tin Dredging Ltd

Hong Kong Tin Ltd

Killinghall Tin Ltd


Trade associations:

British Federation of Traders' Associations (ii)
British Export Houses Association (ii)
Coopers Craig Limited (ii)
London Produce Clearing House Ltd (ii)

Paper Trade Protection Association (ii)

Wholesale Chemists and Allied Trades Protection Association (ii)
See also section (ii) passim


Trade unions:

National Society of Operative Printers and Assistants (NatSOPA) (ii)


Trading Companies (historical):

Canada Company
East India Company
Eastland Company
Levant Company
Russia Company
Scotch Mines Company
South Sea Company


Tramways: see railways


Transport: (general: see also motor vehicles, railways, shipping etc)

Ganges Transport and Trading Co Ltd
Mediterranean Transport Co Ltd



Holtzapffel and Co



British Funeral Workers' Association (ii)

Carpender, Richard
Wickes, John Houghton



Smith, Edward

Thomas Handyside and Son



Blundell, Major
Joseph Barber & Co Ltd
Morley and Gray
London Wharf and Warehouse Committee (ii)



Birch, William
Charles Frodsham and Co Ltd
Daniel Desbois and Sons
E. Dent and Co Ltd
Gray, Benjamin
Joseph Preston and Sons
Kullberg, Victor
Lupton, C.
Parkinson and Frodsham
Sills, E.
Turner, William

William James Barnsdale and Son

Water supply:

Antwerp Waterworks Co Ltd
Colombo Gas and Water Company
New River Company



Joseph Barber & Co Ltd
London Wharf and Warehouse Committee (ii)
Sills, Ramsay and Gray



Ede and Ravenscroft Ltd


Wine and spirits:

Archedale, Richard
Bordeaux Agents' Association (ii)
Bosworth, Joseph (wine)
Coare, William (wine and brandy)

Corney and Barrow Ltd (wine and brandy)
Cossart, Gordon and Co (madeira producers and shippers)

Dixon, Morgan & Co (wine and spirits)

Fenton, John (wine)
French Burgundy Agents' Association (ii)
George Nicholas and Son (wine)
Jackson, Stephen (wine and brandy)
James Vickers and Co (wine and spirits)

Lister, Beck and Co (wine)
Matthew Clark and Sons Ltd (wine and spirit brokers)

P. B. Burgoyne and Co (wine)

Sandeman, Sons and Co (wine shippers)
Simmons, John (wine)
Slowman, Benjamin (wine and spirits)

W. W. Pownall and Co (wine)
William Coates and Co (wine)
Williams and Day (wine)

(Unidentified businesses at end of Section 22i)
Sales journal of an unidentified wine and spirits merchant
Volume of an unidentified City of London wine and spirits merchant


Wool: see Textiles

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