Studies on the Crusader States and on Venetian Expansion

Jacoby, David
Date published: 
September 1989

In the present collection of articles Professor Jacoby pursues the lines of research which characterised his previous work. He deals with the Western expansion into the eastern Mediterranean, and with the meeting between the Latin West, Byzantium and the Muslim East that took place there during the later Middle Ages, but with a shift in emphasis towards the Crusader states of the Levant and their cultural history. These aspects are to the fore in the first articles, which are concerned with the cultural views of the Crusaders, as expressed in their literature, in relation to those of their homelands in the West. Professor Jacoby then examines the urban development of Acre, for long the principal focus of commercial activity in the Latin East, and the rise of the Cypriot emporium of Famagusta. A constant theme is that of the role of Venice, and several studies deal specifically with the sustained expansion of its interests after the 4th Crusade, and with the interaction of the Venetians with the peoples of the Aegean and the Byzantine empire.